Exhibitions at Wustum Museum

RAM's Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts is located less than two miles from the downtown campus at 2519 Northwestern Avenue. Wustum has been home to nationally recognized annual exhibitions since the early 1980s. These exhibitions feature works in fine art and craft media that are organized around specific themes. Each show is designed to emphasize the common ideas shared by local and regional participating artists. Both campuses work together perfectly to create a wonderful art experience in Racine.


Wisconsin Photography
Wisconsin Photography is a tri-annual statewide competition organized by RAM’s Wustum Museum since 1979. Thanks to the diversity of photographers, the exhibition continues to introduce the museum’s visitors to a wide range of photographic media and artists’ viewpoints.

Watercolor Wisconsin
One of the museum's most popular shows, Watercolor Wisconsin is a statewide competition organized by the museum annually since 1966. The exhibition takes a contemporary approach, while it emphasizes the possibilities inherent in painting on paper in a wide range of sizes and formats. Artist Information

Community Art Exhibitions: RAM's Student and Teacher Exhibition
These exhibitions were created to showcase the talents of RAM's students, teachers, and staff. They embrace the far-reaching talent and creativity within the local community and celebrate RAM's educational achievements.

Racine Unified School District's Student Art Exhibition
Racine Unified Student Art Exhibition features artwork created by area school children from grades K-12. Curated by the Unified School District's art faculty, the exhibition demonstrates the excellence achieved by local students and their teachers.

Watercolor Wisconsin 2016

From Watercolor Wisconsin 2016
Alice Rossman
Lyric, 2016
Transparent watercolor