Hometown Heritage

September 8 - November 26, 2011

Racine and Kenosha Artists in RAM's Collection

RAM curatorial staff organized an exhibition featuring the works of local artists from the permanent collection. The pieces included were created by artists who are former residents born and raised in the Racine and Kenosha communities or are currently active and living here. Hometown Heritage provides a quick highlight tour of the local art scene over the past 60 years.


Robert W. Andersen, Trenton Baylor, Dennis Bayuzick, Jerrold Belland, Richard Berns, Paul Brnak, Nancy Ekholm Burkert, Robert W. Burkert, Robert Cadez, Armin Clobes, Doug DeVinny, Elton Dorval, Lisa Englander, Elizabeth Cameron Evans, George Frederiksen, Carolyn Gagliardi, Byron Gere, John Goray, William Greider (a.k.a. Huey Peckerhead), Sherman Groenke, Karen Gunderson, Carol A. Hansen, Beverly Coleman Heys, James Hoffman, David V. Holmes, Richard J. Jensen, Cherry Barr Jerry, Sylvester Jerry, Robert Johansen, Christopher K. Johns, Samuel C. Johnson, Edwin C. Kalke, Ruth Kjaer, John Krewal, Ruth Miles, Sally G. Miller, Frances Myers, Helen Napier, Joyce Ottum, Thom Petersen, Lance Raichert, Craig V. Roberts, George Ronsholdt, Joseph Rozman, Jan Serr, Berta Sherwood, Moishe Smith, Susan M. Sorenson, Frank Stearn, Jean Thielen, Donald E. VanderLeest, Thomas White, and Georgia Wright.

RAM's Community Art Exhibition

For the fifth year the Racine Art Museum, together with RAM's Wustum Museum, showcases the talents of its students, teachers, and staff as well as Racine school teachers. Hometown Heritage features innovative work that explores the feelings of fond memories, local customs and historic events that connect these artists to their hometown or favorite place.

This exhibition presents works created by Wustum art students on view side-by-side with well-known regional artists who teach or work at the museum. The show includes a wide range of media that reflects the stunning variety of workshops and classes taught by RAM's Wustum Museum. As a group, these many diverse works demonstrate what a rich source of inspiration a place can be for artists.

Visitors to RAM's Wustum Museum are encouraged to vote for their Most Memorable artwork.