Amy Misurelli Sorensen

2018 RAM Artist Fellowship Winner

Artist Statement

As an artist, I specialize in the area of drawing with concentrations in printmaking, painting, and performance. Research engages a conceptual framework to inform media choices and processes but it always begins with drawing and drawing is often the end result. My research is influenced by feminist theory, queer theory, and everyday life.

As a contemporary artist, my work is concerned with distorted images of beauty, identity, and sexuality imposed by societal ideals. My images of women are both provocative and shocking and act as commentary on how women are viewed in contemporary culture.

My 2017 portrait series explores themes of restraint and resistance, female empowerment and Women’s Suffrage. It is inspired by current themes in the media.

Conversation in the Studio with RAM's Curator of Exhibitions Lena Vigna.

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Amy Misurelli Sorensen
Untitled, 2017
Relief print
44 x 40 inches