Amy Misurelli Sorensen + Old Madrid

Passionate, Provocative, Powerful. A Women’s Influence.

Amy Misurelli Sorensen, RAM Artist Fellowship Recipient, draws inspiration from centuries of women’s social and cultural issues. Her powerful images explore politics, identity, women’s liberation. Her work becomes a physical manifestation of what she identifies as women’s work––the tangible process of relief printmaking. Manny Salinas, chef and owner of Olde Madrid, draws inspiration from his own mother, who was born in Madrid, Spain and brought her recipes to the dinner table for all of her 12 children. Much of Manny’s fare at Olde Madrid is influenced by his mother’s creations, and he is honored to carry on her tradition of cooking with love and passion.

As an artist, Amy Misurelli Sorensen specializes in the area of drawing with concentrations in printmaking, painting, and performance. Research engages a conceptual framework to inform media choices and processes but it always begins with drawing and drawing is often the end result. Her research is influenced by feminist theory, queer theory, and everyday life.
As a contemporary artist, Amy’s work is concerned with distorted images of beauty, identity, and sexuality imposed by societal ideals. Her images of women are both provocative and shocking, and act as commentary on how women are viewed in contemporary culture.

“Women. Feminism. Equality. I’ve learned, and I believe, that the personal is political, and this learned belief is what informs my work....I go to bed thinking about current events, the media, and being active in my community. I am curious and sensitive to everything." — Amy Misurelli Sorensen

Olde Madrid is proud to offer a unique dining experience. Tapas, or small plates, are a tradition that has long been a part of Spain’s culture, and Olde Madrid is delighted to bring this custom to the community. A tapa can be compared to an appetizer, as they are typically served first. Paella is a traditional Valencian dish that starts with the distinct flavor of Saffron rice, and is enhanced with an array of different meats and/or seafood. In many areas of Spain, this is considered as a main course. Olde Madrid embraces the Spanish custom of sharing these dishes and encourage all of their guests to feast as they do in Spain. This type of dining is similar to family style, where a person takes some and passes the dish along. Countless flavors are enjoyed throughout the meal and the interaction of passing dishes inspires sociability.