Camela Langendorf + Butcher and Barrel Gastropub

All About Vibrant Colors and Flavors!


Bright notes, colorful palette. Modern, lively. Tasteful, striking.
Sipping one of Butcher & Barrel’s signature modern takes on classic cocktails, such as their Rose’ All Day, will make you want to stop and smell the roses! Meanwhile, imagine how the colorful flowers smell in Camela Langendorf’s photographic creation, Bellagio.

When Camela Langendorf found herself in Las Vegas–– out of money from a hard loss at the black jack table, with only a camera in hand––she decided to tour the city and capture her day in photos. The Conservatory at the Bellagio casino was hosting a Chinese flower show at the time. Lit by a huge glass atrium, the Conservatory still did not have ambient light sufficient for Camela to do the gorgeous flower displays justice with her camera. Trying to handhold the camera left her disappointed. The flowers were blurry. Normally, drawn to portrait work, Camela decided to see if she could make the blur and low light conditions work for her. Over the next four hours, she found herself lost in magical creation with flowers, time, and motion. The combination of the flowers’ rich, gorgeous colors, a long shutter speed, and some pretty crazy arm gyrations allowed her to ‘paint’ the flowers onto a canvas of digital pixels.

Butcher & Barrel Gastropub pairs perfectly with Camela’s work. The establishment offers innovative, gourmet, made-from-scratch, flavorful gastropub fare. Delicious steaks, fresh seafood, and amazing unique dishes are tastefully plated, with an eye for style. Each dish is thoughtfully planned yet magical.

Camela is a portrait photographer based in downtown Racine at Varitay Studios. Varitay Studios is a photography and video studio, specializing in lifestyle portraiture, business publicity, and social media video shorts as well as Modern Beauty, a contemporary, artistic portrait and personal branding collaborative experience.

Butcher & Barrel enchants guests with fantastic food, drink, and high quality service––all without the stuffy fine-dining experience. High quality seasonal ingredients prepared from scratch include prime steaks, fresh seafood, and delicious comfort food items. Choose from an excellent selection of craft beers, wines, and handcrafted cocktails to accompany your meal. Butcher & Barrel is located in a restored 120-year-old building in the heart of downtown Racine, just blocks from Lake Michigan.