Christine B. Miller + Wells Brothers Restaurant

Storytellers, Memory Makers

The memory of a good visual story, the lingering taste of a good meal––each has a unique way of leaving an imprint on the soul. Rich, expressive, mouthwatering. Appealing to all the senses.

Christine B. Miller, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, thinks of each of her pieces as a “visual novelette,” with its own story to tell. She encourages viewers to look closely at the artwork and see its many layers of overlapping imagery. Miller hopes people will see the sentiment and humor expressed in her art, and will feel connected to it in a personal way.

You’re likely to feel similarly connected to Well Brothers Italian Restaurant from your very first visit. While you’re dining in the building they have occupied since the 1920s, old school pictures of family memories and memorabilia fill the walls, telling the many personal stories of many happy Italian gatherings as well as challenges along the way. Through these images, guests receive a personal invite to pull up a chair and enjoy recipes passed down through four generations.

Christine B. Miller’s work has been featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including several Watercolor Wisconsin exhibitions at RAM’s Wustum Museum, as well as Wisconsin Photography and Racine and Vicinity.

In 1921, James and Dominic Wells opened Wells Brothers Restaurant on the corner of 22nd and Mead in Racine. James operated the restaurant until his death in 1944 and then sons Tony and Guy took over the restaurant until 1999. During that period, the restaurant enjoyed many good times but also weathered some hardships. In 1967, two fires completely destroyed the inside of the restaurant. The brothers rebuilt to its present appearance. Continuing in the family-owned tradition, third-generation owners Bill Rivers and Paula Wells Huck took over from 1999 to 2016. Bill now runs the business with the help of his daughters who will be the fourth generation to carry on the business.