Crystal Neubauer

2018 RAM Artist Fellowship Winner

Artist Statement

Regardless of the media I include, my work always comes down to collage. I seek to create a dialogue around the issue of self worth, identity, and the perception of human value through the use of salvaged materials. I see these items as a metaphor for our own lives, and seek to bring them together in a way that opens the viewer to a deeper experience of an overarching theme of personal redemption—where every part of who you are is embraced and nurtured.

Whether rendered in a 3-dimensional assemblage fashion or a 2D picture plane, my fascination begins with found papers. I call my process intuitive, but it all boils down to learning to trust and open myself to the voice inside; the one that can guide creative decisions and bring about a much richer work of art.

From obtaining gallery representation, to writing for a mixed media magazine, and authoring my book and videos, to teaching workshops nationwide and in my own studio, learning to tune in to the voice within has led me on a journey of learning “I can”. It is my desire to inspire others to believe they can too.

Conversation in the Studio with RAM's Curator of Exhibitions Lena Vigna.

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Crystal Neubauer
Not All Black and White 2, 2017
30 x 40 inches