Estate Plans and RAM's Legacy Circle

Leaving a Legacy

Thanks to Jennie E. Wustum, a woman ahead of her time, there is a flourishing art scene in Racine. Her gift, in memory of her husband Charles, helped create an internationally recognized art museum, in RAM, and one of the largest museum-based art education programs in the State, at Wustum.

RAM’s Legacy Circle is a special group of contributors who have notified us of their intention to name RAM as a beneficiary in their estate plans. These forward-thinking donors are sharing their core values by leaving their legacy to future generations for years to come. With permission, we honor this exceptional group of people each year in various publications and electronic communications.

Your Estate Plans

Including RAM and Wustum in your estate plans will greatly impact the museums' future. After your loved ones are remembered, please consider RAM with a portion of your estate - even five or ten percent will go a long way toward sustaining the museum for the benefit of our children, grandchildren, and our home community.

A will can include a gift of cash or property to RAM. You can make RAM a partial or full beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or IRA. Your attorney or financial advisor will work with you to develop planned giving options that are best suited to your needs and interests.

Choosing a Fund

Estate gifts can be designated into one or more of the following funds:

Operating - supports the day-to-day costs of sustaining RAM's facilities and programs. Unrestricted gifts to this fund are especially appreciated and are often the hardest to raise through traditional means.

Collections - supports the purchase of works of art and provides much needed funds to care for existing objects in RAM's collection.

Education - supports the continuation of RAM's mission-critical studio classes and free outreach programs that serve thousands of people of all ages.

Exhibition - supports RAM's world-class exhibitions featuring the display of priceless art works from RAM's collections and borrowed objects from across the US and beyond.

Endowment - funds remain intact, as principal, and the income earned is used to sustain and supplement donor interests. 

Gifts of any amount are gratefully welcomed. Gifts of $15,000 or more can become a named fund and are recognized in a variety of ways via publications, exhibition labels, and wall signage.

If you have any questions or you have already designated RAM in your estate plans, please contact Laura D'Amato, Director of Operations and Development, 262.898.1412 or email