Hector Acuna + The Red Oak Restaurant

Made in the Midwest
Layering flavor, layering color. Both artist Hector Acuna and The Red Oak Restaurant celebrate the importance of the rural Midwest in living a clean and sustainable existence. Each has built their identity through creative investigation, using southeastern Wisconsin’s homegrown provisions as both media and inspiration.

Come to SAVOUR – RAM Art Benefit and learn about a sustainable Midwestern approach to food and art.

“With a variety of media and forms of application, I investigate and renegotiate my sense of identity through broad and specific definitions of belonging in the rural Midwestern context. In painting I enjoy discovering new meanings through the juxtaposition and layering of subject matter and expression.”

Hector Acuna is an emerging artist from Kenosha, Wisconsin who is currently pursuing his three year MFA degree at Michigan State University. Trained as a representational oil painter, Hector's latest interests have led him to explore juxtaposing personal narratives using image, object, and body. Through his collected languages for making art, uncanny combinations of form and meaning often are revealed in his work. Recently, Hector has been pairing performances with his paintings, which continue to be at the center of his creative practice. 

The Red Oak Restaurant in Bristol, Wisconsin invites you to enjoy carefully prepared, locally fresh and seasonal cuisine served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Firmly rooted in southeastern Wisconsin, The Red Oak celebrates the richness of the area by crafting dishes and cocktails from locally sourced produce and artisanal cheeses, beers, and spirits. They are proud to recognize and thank the supplier partners that enable their farm to table cuisine. The Red Oak is grateful for their partners’ commitment to local food, and encourage you to support their efforts as well.