Kierston Ghaznavi + Chit Chaat

Color - Pattern - Spice

Kierston Ghaznavi has always had an interest in art and illustration. She received her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May 2012. Kierston is most interested in pen and ink, and ink wash illustrations, traditional painting, using acrylic, watercolors or oils, digital illustration as well as typography, web design and branding. She creates articulated paper dolls that represent, in her own works, "black pop culture, afro-centric natural hair, positive imagery of black women, self-love and awareness." She translates her childhood interest in playing with dolls and drawing characters from her imagination into an exploration of identity, realized through anonymous subjects or personal friends. With a process that takes anywhere from three to eight hours per piece, Ghaznavi draws subjects and transforms them into dolls with moveable limbs that range from seven to 24 inches tall.

Pakistan native Junaid Shafique, and his wife, Angela Downs, opened Chit Chaat this year on State Street. It is part chai tea and espresso bar as well as Pakistani lunch and supper restaurant, with a particular focus on Indian and Pakistani street food.The name Chit Chaat comes partly from “chaat” (rhymes with hot), which means “savory snack,”. Some of the amazing menu items include samosa chaat, pani puri chaat, Hunza Valley chap shuro, bun kebab and falafel wrap.