Lisa Englander + Cake My Day

In the Delicate Details

Control, refinement, and delicacy are just some of the words to describe the watercolor paintings and collage drawings of Lisa Englander. Her paintings are shamelessly decorative in their use of luminescent color and pattern. Her early training as a printmaker is obvious in her exacting execution of detailed patterns. A beautiful example of her careful attention to details is her illustration that adorns the cover of this year’s SAVOUR invitation and envelope. That same attention to refinement and control holds true to baking some of the richest desserts. Among the staff at RAM, Lisa is known for her heavenly brownies, which are considered quite a treat when they arrive for celebrations. The women of Cake My Day, LLC follow the same recipe for success––superb attention to detail an presentation.

Originally from Argentina, Jacinta and Victoria of Cake My Day found friendship in Racine, and later, a business together. In their words, “We make sweet treats based on Argentine flavors. We think the presentation is really important, so our products have a nice look and perfect size. Everything is handmade!” Look for Cake My Day products at local coffee shops and farmer's markets.