Marilyn Propp

2018 RAM Artist Fellowship Winner

Artist Statement

My series "Notes from the Sea" reflects the clash/coexistence between the industrial and natural worlds through shaped oil paintings on wood; relief prints on handmade paper, often with collage; and freestanding constructions of found objects.

In the paintings/works on paper, industrial debris and fragments of sea life are entangled, often morphing into one another. Machine parts disrupt the free-flowing undersea life. Fueled by my concerns about environmentally destructive practices (devastation of coral reefs, plastic debris, and oil spills), I use the materiality of paint, paper, wood, and print to present images of beauty while offering reflections on destruction.

As a medium, handmade paper reflects both the undersea world and the way paper is made. It’s a watery material in which wet pulp is formed, drained, and pressed. Pigmented pulp, pushed through a grid, creates a textured surface like fish scales. I print wood and linoleum blocks onto the dried paper, combining the paper’s texture and color with the relief prints’ crispness and layering. Installed 3” from the wall, they appear to float, creating an impression of underwater glimpses.

Conversation in the Studio with RAM's Curator of Exhibitions Lena Vigna.

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Marilyn Propp
Free Fall I, 2017
Relief print, collage, and acrylic wash on handmade paper
32 x 30 inches