This is My Wustum Story

In 1938, Jennie E. Wustum honored her husband's memory by donating their house, property and a small trust fund to the city of Racine. She wanted to create an art museum and park that would benefit future generations. Her act of generosity inspired the growth of what is now one of the most impressive contemporary craft collections of its type in any museum in the United States. Over seven decades later, Wustum Museum is at the heart of RAM, inspiring and educating generations of children and adults by offering outreach programs and museum-quality studio art classes to our community.

Is Wustum in your heart? The following stories were selected from past submissions to our Tell us Your Wustum Story contest. They express how RAM's Wustum Museum positively influenced or affected their lives. 

Adrianne Paffrath, Racine
2013 First Place Winner
"In that 50-year-ago Racine summer, Cherry Jerry gives me such a magical gift at this place called Wustum. It inspires, nurtures, and enlightens me."

Tracy Seitz Wiklund, McFarland, WI
2012 First Place Winner
"During class, he would draw with a pen, shade with his coffee, and then discard his work at the end of the night. As if to demonstrate that the process was more important than the product."

Rosemarie Romano, Racine
2012 Submission
"When my young grandson began covering every piece of scrap paper  with his artwork, it was time to enroll him in his first lessons at Wustum to begin his journey of appreciating the exciting world of art."

Patricia Freres Stinger, Madison, WI
2012 Submission
"And so it is that, aiming at one thing, we may fall short, yet inadvertently achieve something more lasting."

Former Executive Director of
RAM's Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Sylvester Jerry
September, 1941 – Museum Opening
Photography: The Milwaukee Journal

Barbara Brown Lee - Chief Educator for the Milwaukee Art Museum
"I was young and inexperienced and the atmosphere at Wustum was friendly and it was open enough to accept a young person who was starving to be part of the art world."

Mary Kaprelian, Racine
2011 First Place Winner
"Thank you, Wustum Museum, for making me a little star early in my life, an encouragement that has rooted itself in who I am, what I do, and how much I enjoy aesthetics in all that I see!

Delores Liesner 
2011 2nd Place Winner
"We each left armed with knowledge, new perspectives, and inspiration to create with what we'd learned."