My Wustum Story

-by Rosemarie Romano

How has the Wustum Museum positively influenced my life? Very simply, it gave me an interest and appreciation for art at a very early age. My first recollection of Wustum is as a very young child when my mother would take my sister and me for our Sunday afternoon walks. We would walk from our home on Erie Street, up Carlisle Avenue to Northwestern Avenue and to the Wustum gardens. I was still in my stroller!

When I was old enough to take the bus by myself I took my first summer art lessons at the Wustum Museum. Going to the "barn" for supplies and setting up by the beautiful gardens to paint the flowers were memories I'll always treasure. We "young artists" were always greeted and encouraged by handsome, silver-haired Mr. Jerry. As a Jr. High School I enjoyed going to the Museum to look at the artwork of other students. I was proud to have one of my own pieces hanging on the wall. Later, as an adult I took various classes at Wustum. 

When my young grandson began covering every piece of scrap paper with his artwork, it was time to enroll him in his first lessons at Wustum to begin his journey of appreciating the exciting world of art. 

Sometimes I visit Wustum not only to enjoy the varied artwork but to seek out the areas where I spent time as a youth learning to draw and paint, and to just stroll through the gardens where I spent such happy summers.