Nate Hunter + The Maple Table

Locally Sourced, Thoughtfully Harvested


Locally sourced cream city clay meets local farm to table fare. Imagination meets tradition.
To advocate for the characteristics of the breakfast culture that The Maple Table represents, Artist Nate Hunter will create eggs-n-bacon inspired ceramic platters using Racine cream city brick clay that he personally harvested from the earth. Chef Amy Delap of The Maple Table, is designing a dish composed of super fresh ingredients––a celebration of The Maple Table’s effort to make tasty food with quality ingredients while supporting local agriculture.

Nate Hunter is a ceramic artist from Kenosha, Wisconsin who works primarily with wood-fired kilns. The unique environment in a kiln fired solely with wood is volatile, leaving its distinctive marks on each piece. The wood ash collects and then melts after many days of firing, piece leaving evidence of trial and stress on each work. This firing process offers reminders that humans are designed to absorb stress, and that no matter the trial, we will make it through. Your life scars will become beauty marks.


The Maple Table is downtown Racine's newest breakfast brunch and lunch eatery where you’re invited to enjoy hearty traditional breakfast fare with creative twists. The Maple Table locally sources the freshest ingredients whenever possible and offers a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Indulge in their Friday night classic fish fry menu and enjoy your favorite cocktail at their full-service bar. Family owned and operated, the Maple Table offers catering in addition to banquet and private party rooms to suit all your needs. Eat, drink, and gather at the Maple Table, located in the heart of Racine, at Monument Square.

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