OBJECTS REDUX: Clay, Glass, and Metal, 1960-1985

August 11, 2019 - January 26, 2020

Studio craft has historically been associated with clay, glass, metal, wood, and fiber. While the spectrum of materials used is much greater and the conversation much broader today, dividing works into categories based on medium does allow for focused investigations. This exhibition showcases clay, glass, and metal works made between 1960 and 1985. In some instances, multiple works by the same artist are shown in order to reflect how their work changed during a span of time when there was a lot of fluctuation in the field.

Artists whose works are featured include Ruth Duckworth, Michael Jerry, Cliff Lee, Marvin Lipofsky, James Lovera, Joel Philip Myers, June Schwarcz, Mary Tingley, and Toots Zynsky.

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A Conversation with Paul W. Smith, Co-Curator of OBJECTS: USA
by Bruce W. Pepich, RAM Executive Director and Curator of Collections
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Robert Arneson, Ralph Bacerra, Robert Barber, Fred Bauer, André Billeci, Tom Bonhert, Charles M. Brown, Suzanne Bucher, Rose Cabat, William Carlson, Dale Chihuly, Ken Cory, Val Cushing, Ruth Duckworth, Boris Dudchenko, Erwin Eisch, William Fiorini, Robert Fritz, Verne Funk, David Gilhooly, Michael Glancy, Erik Gronborg, Dorothy Hafner, Harold Hasselschwert, Chris Heilman, Otto Heino, Vivika Heino, David R. Huchthausen, Kent Ipsen, Michael Jerry, Jun Kaneko, Pal Kepenyes, Dominic Labino, David Leach, John Conrad Lewis, James Lovera, Richard Loving, Linda MacNeil, Karen Thuesen Massaro, Patrick F. McCormick, Robert Lee Morris, William Morris, John Sartre Murphy, Joel Philip Myers, Gary Noffke, Frank Parkel, Lee Barnes Peck, Mark Peiser, Wendy Ramshaw, Joyce Roessler, Harvey Sadow, Herbert Sanders, Toshiko Takaezu, John Takehara, Linda Threadgill, Mary Tingley, William Underhill, Bertil Vallien, Meredith Wenzel, J. Fred Woell, and Toots Zynsky

Michael John Jerry
Elephant Trumpet Neckpiece, ca. 1970
Sterling silver, nylon, and garnet
12 ¼ x 6 x 1 ¾ inches
Racine Art Museum, Gift of the Artist
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Patrick F. McCormick
Vase, ca. 1975
Glazed earthenware with lustres
21 3/8 x 5 inches diameter
Racine Art Museum, Gift of Karen Johnson Boyd
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
William Morris
Vessel from the Shard Drawing Series, 1980
12 ¾ x 8 ¼ x 4 inches
Racine Art Museum, Gift of Karen Johnson Boyd
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Wendy Ramshaw
Ring Set, 1978
Sterling silver, gold, gemstones, enamel, and Perspex®
5 3/8 inches diameter
Racine Art Museum, Gift of Gail M. Brown
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Toots Zynsky
Aqua Bowl #2, 1984

5 ¼ x 15 inches diameter
Racine Art Museum, Gift of Barbara S. Rosenthal and Kenneth W. Juster
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine


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