Racine Art Guild Juried Competition 2016

June 4 - August 13, 2016

The Racine Art Guild Juried Competitions are organized to demonstrate the creativity of the members of this group of practicing artists. Artworks selected for this show express an understanding of proficiency in art techniques and presentation of work. Work submitted must be original, executed within the last two years, and never exhibited at a previous Art Guild show.

Rebecca Venn
Spring, 2016
Photography: Janet Mrazek
Christine Miller

Take Out: Friday A.M. Fish Fry…Veggie-Bacon-Wrapped
Lox, Bagels and Eggs!?!
, 2016
Photography: Janet Mrazek

Regina Baker
October, 2015
Photography: Janet Mrazek
Martha Coaty
White Harbor, 2012
Photography: Janet Mrazek
DeeDee Dumont
Giddy Up, 2015
Mixed media
Photography: Janet Mrazek
Exhibition Hosting Sponsor: Racine Art Museum Association, Inc.