RAM 10th Annual International PEEPS Art Exhibition

April 11 - April 28, 2019

Within the pristine white walls of this award-winning contemporary art museum, RAM presents an untraditional exhibition showcasing fluffy, sugarcoated marshmallow PEEPS® will begin its tenth year within the award-winning contemporary architecture of the Racine Art Museum. This year's exhibition features 165 entries that demonstrate the talent of over 237 artists from across the country, a number that makes it the largest PEEPS show ever at the museum.

Visitors to the exhibition will again discover pieces made with a variety of media. While the seasonal candies are still the most common material, the 10th anniversary show also includes pieces like The Hope Peep, a PEEPS necklace fashioned in rhinestones and glitter to rival the most recognizable of the British Crown Jewels; Confession of a Carrot Eater crafted in glazed stoneware as a counterpoint to artist Jack Earl’s Carrot Finger, a piece in the museum’s collection; and Greeting from Mount Peepmore!, a celebratory monument to PEEPS expertly sculpted in Styrofoam. 

Over the years, many entrants have been become experts in marshmallow candy as a material, using methods like carving, painting, hole punching, gluing, and melting to manipulate PEEPS into incredible shapes. For this show, Richard W. Marklin, Jr. melted a flock of PEEPS to make Raul the Rooster, a realistic barnyard bird; while April Harris and Autumn Kyle assembled the holiday treats into a bust of Black Panther Peeper.

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Artist Checklist and Complete List of Winners
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First Peep – Adult Division
Jon Leach, Nightpeeps – An Homage to Edward Hopper
Second Peep – Adult Division
Jeffrey Zimmer, Peeps at the Museum

First Peep – Young Peeples Award (Under 13)
Autumn Madsen, Vikings and the Peep Sea Serpent
Second Peep – Young Peeples Award (Under 13)
Leo Schmitz, The Amazing Peepza

First Peep – Family/Group/Organization
Matthew Adams, Ben Bixby, Trenton Kralovitz, Eli Lindemann, and Carlos Thomas, Peepzilla
Second Peep – Family/Group/Organization
Prairie School's Upper School Glass Studio Class, School of Peeps

Racine Quilters Award in Memory of Margaret V. Wargo – First Peep
Lisa L. KC, Farmer Peep and His Chicks
Racine Quilters Award in Memory of Margaret V. Wargo – Second Peep
Shari Wallen, The Measure of a Peep

Mayor of Racine’s Award – First Peep
Jeff Ternes, Farmer MAGA Gregor’s Fence Found Ineffective
Mayor of Racine’s Award – Second Peep
Nicole Zimmer, Racine Peeps Baseball
For Complete List of Winners

Richard W. Marklin, Jr., Wauwatosa
Raul the Rooster

Melted Peeps®, wire, paint, and wooden frame
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Laura Leach, Wauwatosa
The Peck – Inspired by Gustav Klimt

Acrylic, marker, and foil
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

John Leach, Wauwatosa
Nightpeeps - An Homage to Edward Hopper
Wood, paint, wire, screws, plastic, lights. and found objects

Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Patty Hall, Pleasant Prairie
The Hope Peep
Rhinestones, paper, and glitter
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Brenda Roth, Kenosha
Banksy Peep
Canvas, craft sticks, glitter, wooden frame,
Tootsie Pop® wrapper paper, and floss
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Kristina Tsioutsiopoulos, Colgate
Peep These Kicks
Shoes, acrylic paint, glitter, and marabou
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
From the RAM 10th Annual International PEEPS Art Exhibition
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
April Harris and Autumn Kyle, Racine
Black Panther Peeper
Acrylic paint, rhinestones, cardboard, and Styrofoam®
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Bill Reid, Racine
Flashbulb Peep
Steel, plastic, flashbulbs, shells,
paint, wire, and found objects
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Nick Schroeder, Milwaukee
Confessions of a Carrot Eater
Glazed stoneware and ceramic decal
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Raymond "Moon" Johnson, Mount Pleasant
Pirate Peeps
Paint, cardboard, and plastic toys
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Elizabeth Peterson, Chicago, IL
Greetings from Mount Peepmore!
Foam, foamcore, paper, spray paint, acrylic paint,
watercolor, and marker
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Appleton: Fisher Morrill; Caledonia: Matthew Adams, Ben Bixby, Tyler Bunkelman, Megan Grow, Kiera Hassler, Chrissilie Kliest, Trenton Kralovitz, Eli Lindemann, Alexa Mentink, Izaiah Roosen, Jacquie Rouse, Elizabeth Schneider, Carlos Thomas; Chicago, Il: Nancy Martinez, Elizabeth Peterson, Serena Sacco; Colgate: Alexandros Tsioutsiopoulos, Dimitrios Tsioutsiopoulos, Dionisios Tsioutsiopoulos, Gabriel Tsioutsiopoulos, Konstantina Tsioutsiopoulos, Kristina Tsioutsiopoulos; Cudahy: Mary Bahling; Edgerton: Kelly M. Hausknecht; Franklin: Karen Fairbanks, Roberta M. Mashlan, Helen Miller, Grandma Linda Muench, Jameson Muench, Sam Muench; Franksville: Aaron Costic, Josiah Lamberton, Lilly Lamberton, Sally Lamberton, Autumn Madsen, Carolyn Siler, Anik Zuleta; Grafton: Balance, Inc.; Green Bay: Connie Bruner; Greendale: Michele Dambeck; Greenfield:  Koy Kunz, Kristin Leguizamon, Laurie Mayer, Michelle Sulas; Hartland: Debby Peck; Kenosha: Wanda Barbour, Denise Bernacki, Dominic Bernacki, Peter Bernacki, John Prince, Paulette Prince, Brenda Roth, Lynda Ryan, St. Catherine Commons Senior Apartments, Brittany Stalker, Patricia Young; Lake Tomahawk: Natalie Skinner, Sara Skinner; Long Grove, IL: Lynn Benson, Marie Roth; Madison: Jenny Mullins, Katrina Samuelson Wardrip; Milwaukee: Cookie Anderson, Jean Berens, Jolie Collins, Deb Dakich, Elm Creative Arts School, Bridget King, Jaylen Kirk, Korinthia Klein, Therese Kroll, Kiera Langworthy, MCFI Life Services, Nick Schroeder, Julie Serbiak, Aden Weisser, Cremona Weisser, Quinn Weisser; Mount Pleasant: Connie Brandt, Sue Buhler-Maki, Karen Chartrand, Aubrey Deschler, Grandma Linda Deschler, Gabriella Deschler, Natalie Deschler, Christine Grochowski, Raymond "Moon" Johnson, Diane Kamm, Angela Koehler, Maxis Koehler, Zak Koehler, Judy Stapleman Kroes, Briella Nelson, Caleb Nelson, Hannah Nelson, Julie Nelson, Ann Richards; Muskego: Chris Proeber, Emily Proeber, Lynn Proeber; Oak Creek: Betsy Moore; Oelwein, IA: Bridget Frank; Paddock Lake: Jody Dowell; Pewaukee: Chloe Skubal, Holly Skubal, Mike Skubal; Pisgah Forest, MI: Carol Preston; Pleasant Prairie: Patty Hall; Port Washington: Joya Locklair, Michael Locklair, Tessa Locklair; Racine: Raineen Allen, Alpha Homes of Wisconsin Group Home, Kate Alphs, Nathan Andis, Sam Baxter, Arev Buchaklian, Haig Buchaklian, John Buchaklian, Melanie Buchaklian, Siroun Buchaklian, Ann Burke, Trinidy Calvary, Careers Industries, Suzette Dallner, Morgan Determan, Emma Donaldson, Julia Donaldson, Lauren Drake, Emily Eitel, Chris Fabio, Sarah Godard, Laura Grayson, Steve Grayson, April Harris, JoAnn Haselhuhn, Tabatha Heieron, Alicia Heintz, Elizabeth Hokason, Peggy Juras, Lisa L. KC, Destiny Klinkhammer, Gretta Knoell, Wendy Knoell, Heidi Korando, Cori Krause, Autumn Kyle, Marshauna Kyles, Jolie Larson, Judy Martin, Vanessa Medrano, Jackson Millin, Dennis Motl, Sr. Jaye Nelson, Sharon Nyman, Jesse Olson, Olympia Brown Church Thursday Art Group, Bob Ottum, Holly Ottum, Amanda Cosgrove Paffrath, Kristen Parrish, Lisa Peters, Ava Pinnow, Brayden Pinnow, Cade Pinnow, Chris Pinnow, Tyler Pinnow, Prairie School Upper School Glass Studio Class, Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Bill Reid, Nicole Reid, Lydiana Remster, Alyssa Roberson, Patty Roberson, Leo Schmitz, Vicki Schmitz, Audrey Schultz, Elise Schultz, Isaac Schultz, Diane Seymour, Talena Shilling, Dallon Shircel, Autumn Sieler, Kathy Simon, Barb Suprak, Abuela Vallejos, Evan Vallejos, Georgina Vallejos, Nathaniel Vallejos, Jenni Veto, Shari Wallin, Onesti Wilkeson-Sanchez, Benjamin Winnen, Holly Wolf-Mattick, Briana Wolfe, Maureen Wolfe, Valerie Wolfe, Marc Wollman, Women of Worth, Savannah Yanakowicz, Zak Yanakowicz, Kenna Zakrzewski, Jeffrey Zimmer, Nicole Zimmer; Rancho Mirage, CA: Robert Tucker; Santa Fe, NM: Grace Siler, Jayne Siler; Shorewood: Ellen Guiseppi, Isabel Johnston, Nikki Kowbel; Spring Grove, IL: Theresa Selepa; Sturgeon Bay: Shaun Estrada, Sophia Estrada; Trevor: Cheryl Flaherty; Twin Lakes: Bev Beyers, Britany Ruder; Union Grove: Joyce Blunck, Laurie Meiland, Kara Olson, Aubreyanna Stanley, Cole Stehling, Marja Stehling, Sydney Stehling; Verona: Charlotte Maroney, Jacob Maroney, Maddie Maroney, Susie Maroney, Todd Maroney; Waterford, MI: Sue Dannenberg, Wauwatosa: Jon Leach, Laura Leach, Richard W. Marklin, Jr., Laurie Stephan, Jeff Ternes; West Allis: Beth Buettner, Buettner Family; Grayson Buettner, Story Buettner; Winthrop Harbor, IL: Elizabeth Spannraft

PEEPS Patrons
Lisa Englander and Bruce W. Pepich; Joey LeGath, Joey’s West; Hot Shop Glass; Kewpee Sandwich Shop; Penny McGuire and Richard M. Smith; O&H Danish Bakery; Holly and Bob Ottum; Sew ‘n Save of Racine; Janna and Dr. Edward Waldeck; Cherry and Jim Wardrip; and Nancy Wheeler

PEEPS Prize Providers
Colectivo Coffee Roasters and Cafés; Divino Gelato; Downtown Racine Corporation; Fredrick and Deborah Ganaway; Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches; Autumn Latimore; Northern Lights Gallery; Red Onion Café; RG Natural Babies; Chris Sklba, Art Metals Studio; SmArt Sales; Sugar Shack Sweet Shoppe; and Sarah Weber

RAM is grateful to Cory Mason, Mayor, City of Racine for choosing his award winners.

RAM also thanks Lonnie McGuire and Penny McGuire for presenting the original play Billy Peeps Gruff.

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