RAM 9th Annual International PEEPS Art Exhibition

March 22 - April 8, 2018

Within the pristine white walls of this award-winning contemporary art museum, RAM presents an untraditional exhibition showcasing fluffy, sugar-coated marshmallow PEEPS®. The show features 126 entries that demonstrate the talent of over 174 artists. 

This spring, visitors to the show will discover artworks made with a variety of media. While the iconic seasonal candies are still the most common material, many of this year’s works are two-dimensional paintings and works on paper, as well as innovative 3D sculptures. Inspired by inventive puns, pop culture, sports, and famous artists, the show includes pieces like Funky Peepcock fashioned in sparkling glass beads and feathers, Pop Art Peeps crafted in glazed stoneware, and Sweet Meets Wild, an inlaid box made of different hardwoods. Thirty-two quilt block entries also adorn the walls, including one entitled Radiant Peep from Rancho Mirage, California. Many of the PEEPS art entries are by local artists, families, and organizations, with several arriving from as far away as Pisgah Forest, North Carolina and Tucson, Arizona.  

Artist Checklist
Press Room

Peep Pick Up
Entries MUST be picked up April 10-18, Noon - 4:00 pm. Any entries left at RAM after April 27 will be recycled.

RAM 9th Annual International PEEPS Art Exhibition
2018 PEEPles Choice Winner:

Aden Weisser, Milwaukee, Jurassic Peep

Congratulations to:
Adult Category
First Peep – Xanthi Merlo, Sweet Meets Wild
Second Peep – Nick Schroeder, Pop Art Peeps
Third Peep – Bill Reid, aRAMatherapee Pair of Dice
Honorable Mentions
Debby Peck, Cleopeeptra
Jeffrey Zimmer, Blue and Yellow Stairs 

Under 13 Category 
First Peep – Autumn Madsen, Peeps Wars
Second Peep – Brea Stanley, Unipeep 

Family/Group/Organization Category
First Peep – Sylvie Leach and Amy Witteman, The Peepxistence of Memory 
Second Peep – Monica and Ian Leonard, Peep in a Jeep 
Honorable Mentions
Holly and Mike Skubal, Le Petit Peep
Laura and Steve Grayson, Peeps Swap à la Joseph Cornell 

Mayor of Racine's Awards 
Adult Category – Kristina Tsioutsiopoulos, Sparkling Personality Pea(P)cock 
Under 13 Category – Quinn Weisser, Peepsconsin 

Downtown Racine Corporation Award
Karen Chartrand, In a World of Peep Imagination 

Racine Quilters Awards 
First Peep, in Memory of Margaret V. Wargo – Kiera Langworthy, Peeperella 
Second Peep – Lisa L. KC, Sailing to Peeps Island 
Third Peep – Wanda Barbour, Hollywood Peeps 
Honorable Mentions 
Laurie Mayer, Peep Show 
Judy Martin, Peeps Heaven

Karen Chartrand, Mount Pleasant
In a World of Peep Imagination

Paint, sculpting clay, felt, tissue paper, papier mâché, faux moss, and wood
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Korinthia Klein, Milwaukee
The Peeps Violin

Found violin, felt, Sharpie® marker, yarn, and paper
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Laura Lehman, Racine
Peeter Pipers Pickled Peeps
Paper and found objects
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Amanda Cosgrove Paffrath, Racine
Funky Peepcock
Glass beads, glass, acrylic paint, fabric, and feather
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Debby Peck, Hartland
Foam insulation, found mannequin head, and acrylic paint
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Aden Weisser, Milwaukee
Jurassic Peep
Cardboard tubes, wooden dowels, paper, tape, beads, felt, fabric, paint, and wire
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Diane Kamm, Mount Pleasant
Peppy the Peep Flamingo
Balloon, knitting needles, paper mâché, newspaper, paint, Stryofoam®, googly eyes, and wood
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Kristina Tsioutsiopoulos, Colgate
Sparkling Personality Pea(P)cock
Cardboard, glitter, plaster, paint, balloon, bottle cap, and Mod Podge®
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Sylvie Leach and Amy Witteman, Wauwatosa
The Peepexistence of Memory
Acrylic paint, paper, cardboard, and found branch
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Bill Reid, Racine
ARAMatherapeep Pair a Dice
Steel, paint, and found objects
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Kate Alphs, Racine
The Mona Peepsa
Watercolor on canvas
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine
Christie's Chicago, Chicago, IL
Cathy Busch, Briar Koehl, Paula Kowalczyk,
Ash Liu, Shalenie Sanker, Julia Zanussi, Steve Zick

Chic-tina's World
Fabric, wire, wood, and paper
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Arizona: Suzannah Schreckhise, Fayetteville; California: Robert Tucker, Rancho Mirage; Illinois: Beach Park: Patty Garrett; Chicago: Wallace Bowling, Christie's Chicago - Paula Kowalczyk, Steve Zick, Cathy Busch, Briar Koehl, Shalenie Sanker, Ash Liu, and Julia Zanussi, Ashly McCord; Evanston: Marilyn Lucas; Gurnee: Pat Tennerman; Naperville: Rebecca Nyman; Winthrop Harbor: Diane Clark, Liz Spannraft; Michigan: Sue Dannenberg, Waterford; North Carolina: Carol Preston, Pisgah Forest; Wisconsin: Burlington: Kara, Mia, and Maggie Lakatos; Caledonia: Veronica J. Gagliano, Nicki Zimmer; Colgate: Alexandros Tsioutsiopoulos, Dionisios Tsioutsiopoulos, Kristina Tsioutsiopoulos, Konstantina Tsioutsiopoulos; Edgerton: Kelly Hausknecht; Franklin: Karen Fairbanks; Franksville: Sandy Gibbs, Josiah, Lilly, and Sally Lamberton, Autumn Madsen; Carolyn Siler, Jeanne and Anik Zuleta; Germantown: Ian and Monica Leonard; Greendale: Michele Dambeck; Greenfield: Teri Kroll, Laurie Mayer, Glenn, Maria, and Leena Meyers; Hartland: Debby Peck; Kenosha: Wanda Barbour, Lucille Iacullo, Alma Lindl, Pam Schmidt, Joan Soens, Chelsea Van Aken, Mary Ann Welker, Patricia Young; Milwaukee: Cookie Anderson, Benjamin Franklin School, Jolie Collins, Deb Dakich, Kate Fons, Grace Hopkins, Bridget King, Jaylen Kirk, Korinthia Klein, Kiera Langworthy, Emanuel Lopez, Sarah A. Phillips, Nick Schroeder, Coco Tsioutsiopoulos, Dimitrios Tsioutsiopoulos, Kiefer Waterman, Aden Weisser, Quinn Weisser; Mount Pleasant: Ann Richards, Connie Brandt, Sue Buhler-Maki, Karen Chartrand, Ann Gedemer, Adele Helmle, Diane Kamm, Catherine Rolfson; Muskego: Adria Day, Chris Proeber, Emily Proeber, Lynn Proeber, Parker Septon; Pewaukee: Holly and Mike Skubal; Pleasant Prairie: Rosy Shea; Port Washington: Joya Locklair, Tessa Locklair; Racine: Kate Alphs, Jayda Burger, Kathy Collins, Crossroads, Pam DeGroot, Tom, Jenni, Abbie, and Morgan Determan; Julia Donaldon; Emma Donaldson, Sophia Dougherty, Natalie, Gabriella, Aubrey and Grandma Linda Deschler, Chris Fabio, Gavin Fox, Gracie Friesema, Laura and Steve Grayson, Diane and Delaney Hansen, Linus and April Hansen, JoAnn Haselhuhn, Ann Henkes, Janice Henshaw, Colton Hipke, Lillian Holland, Lisa L. KC, Destiny Klinkhammer, Cheryl Langel, Laura Lehman, Sam Locklair, Judy Martin, Xanthi Merlo, Judi Moore, Sharon Nyman, Holly Ottum, Amanda Cosgrove Paffrath, Wolfgang Peepzart, Amanda Peterson, Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Jil Radtke, Patricia Reed, Bill Reid, Alyssa Roberson, Patty Roberson, Donna and Jeff Robinson, Linda Ronczka, Seventh Graders at St. John's Racine Lutheran School, Kathy Simon, Cole Stehling, Sydney Stehling, Sarah Strande, Carol Sze, Evan, Nathaniel, and Pam Vallejos, Shari Wallin, Ashlyn Wasik, Pat Widmaier, Marc Wollman, Jeffrey Zimmer; Saint Francis: Brian and Mae Timmerman; South Milwaukee: Kennadie Vallee; Sturtevant: Vanessa Chuchara; Union Grove: Brea Stanley; Watertown: Lori Kolosowsky, Nina Slowik; Wauwatosa: Laura Leach, Sylvie Leach, Brodie Spolar, Lee Spolar, Jeff Ternes, Amy Witteman; West Allis: Finn McShane, Mark McShane

This exhibition is made possible in part by RAM Platinum Sponsors: Friends of Fiber Art International and Windgate Charitable Foundation; and organized by RAM Museum Store and Guest Relations.