RAM Community Art Show: Creatures

June 8 - August 11, 2018

The votes are in! Guests viewing RAM Community Art Show: Creatures were invited to vote for their favorite piece of art. Winning by one vote, the audience favorite is Talulah Bear, created by Luella Pias.The lives of animals and humans are interwoven in many ways. The natural world, in all its variety, has long been a favorite topic for artists who can marvel at its complexity, diversity, and beauty. RAM Community Art Show: Creatures features works of art that show the viewer which creatures, beasts, pets, and animals evoke the artist's true self. The exhibition showcases innovative artwork by RAM's students, active volunteers, teachers, and staff, in addition to Racine Unified School District teachers and Racine Art Guild members. 

Creatures features pets and other animals created by area families and art students on view side-by-side with well-known regional artists who teach or work at the museums. The exhibition of 131 pieces by 126 artists includes a wide range of media that reflects the stunning variety of different workshops and classes taught at RAM's Wustum Museum.

Exhibition Checklist
Press Room

Ron Dunnett, Thor the Thunder Beast
Amy McGuire, Zenith
Ruth Quirke, Royal Portrait

Community Choice Award Winner
Luella Pias, Talulah Bear

Bayside: Amy Marks; Burlington: Sandra Nowicki; Caledonia: Veronica J. Gagliano, Nancy Neider; Franksville: David Gaura, Debra LaMeer; Kansasville: Judy Hibbard; Kenosha: Ian Garland, Candace Hoffman, Amy Lynn Ross, Paula Touhey, Greg Uttech, Chelsea Van Aken; Lake Bluff, IL: Julia Magnus, Ivy Niles; Lake Geneva: Sarah McConnell; Milwaukee: Kiefer Ledell, Amy McGuire, Ron McGuire, Valerie Pawlak; Mount Pleasant: Eileen Black, Sue Buhler-Maki, Susan Chiodo, Ron Dunnett, Cindy Flitsch, Samira Gdisis, Patricia Guttenberg, Karen Mathis, Luella Pias, Cherry Wardrip, Jim Wardrip, Nancy Wolf; Port Washington: Tessa Locklair; Racine: Marie Abbott, Jerrold Belland, Jack Blasko, Tricia Blasko, Jon Bolton, Karen Brittain, Karen Broman, Susan Buhler, Jill Castillo, Dominic Cibrario, Tom Coe, Deedee Dumont, Dorothy Dwyer, Mary Dwyer, Lisa Englander, John Falk, Patti Fallon, Wes Fallon, Elaine Gearheart, Pat Gilbert, Megan Goers, Nancy Greenebaum, Alexander Greiveldinger, Sharon Guest, Ann Henkes, Charlotte Horton, Peggy Juras, Suzanne Kadamian, Mary Koors, Mercedes Lopez, Tatianna Lopez, Alex Mandli, Rebecca McGowan, Penny McGuire, Sharon Mellberg, Jayne Miner, Janet Mrazek, Sr. Jaye Nelson, Bruce W. Pepich, Kate Peterson, Steven Pfeiffer, Mairead Quill, Ruth Quirke, Stephen Quirke, Lance Raichert, Linda Reeves, Bill Reid, Patty Roberson, Suzanne Schakelman, Barbara Schoeffel, Richard Smith, Doug Sorenson, Susan M. Sorenson, Arabella Steberl, Jean Sullivan, Allegra Sze, Ardath Trebra, Maggie White, Kelly Witte, Jan Wolff, Marc Wollman, Jennifer Zygmunt; Sturevant: Adrienne Shimada; Union Grove: Margaret Lininger, Olivia Voge; Waterford: Laura Gillespie; Wind Point: Gabriela Zieser, Lilian Zieser

Veronica J. Gagliano, Caledonia
Bear of Ghost Lake
Photography: Jessica Zalewski
Karen Brittain, Racine
Poppy Cat
Acrylic on board
Photography: Jessica Zalewski
Susan Buhler, Racine
Buffalo Soul
Photography: Jessica Zalewski
Ron Dunnett, Racine
Thor the Thunder Beast
Acrylic on board
Photography: Jessica Zalewski
Ruth Quirke, Racine
Royal Portrait
Color pencil
Photography: Jessica Zalewski

RAM Community Art Show: Creatures is made possible by:

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