RAM's 3rd Annual International PEEPSĀ® Exhibition

April 6 - April 22, 2012

Within the pristine white walls of a contemporary art museum that overlooks Lake Michigan, the Racine Art Museum presents an untraditional exhibition showcasing fluffy, sugar-coated marshmallow PEEPS®. RAM's Third Annual PEEPS® Exhibition invited artists of all ages to participate in the only museum competition of this kind in the world. One of the museum's most popular competitions, the show's popularity has drawn thousands of visitors to RAM to enjoy the riot of electric pastels brought together in creative PEEPS® pieces.


Peep Award Winners


Fox6 News

Milwaukee Journal Video:

Anita Johanson-Maddox and Hayley Maddox, adult and teen
Chic Peep: A Statement Necklace
PEEPS®, Swarovski crystals, nylon string, found metal, and glue
Photography: Jessica Z Schafer
Catherine Niederehe, adult
Peepshead – A Wisconsin Tradition
PEEPS®, craftbox, paper, paint, doll furniture, and glue
Photography: Jessica Z Schafer

Hannah Weidner, youth
Peeper Cottontail
PEEPS, foamcore, glue, pipe cleaner, fake eyes, and Easter grass
Photography: Susan Buhler-Maki
Sarah Nielsen, adult
PEEPS®, acrylic paint, and canvas
Photography: Jessica Z Schafer
Patty Roberson, adult
Peeps Porridge
PEEPS®, beads, buttons, paper, wire, thread, yard, and found objects
Photography: Susan Buhler-Maki
Dave Watkins, adult
PEEPS®, wood, glass, print, curtain, and foamcore
Photography: Jessica Z Schafer