Robert Fleischman + The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery

Visionaries, Transformational

Taking a vision to completion. Creating a collection of visual imagery. Building a collection of unique businesses.

Robert Fleischman, musician and artist, has been creating visual art for decades. Each piece takes the viewer on a journey of transformation and imagination, through movement, color, and layering––a collection of images to convey his vision. Doug Nicholson is the owner and operator of a collection of businesses, including four downtown Racine establishments. Ivanhoe Pub and Eatery is known for great food, a generous selection of whisky and beer, and an upbeat environment. Originally an 1891 beer tavern, Ivanhoe has been restored and transformed into a popular pub with attention to detail and respect to its past. Stepping into Ivanhoe is like reminiscing through time.

More about Robert Fleischman
Robert Fleischman is a recording artist/singer songwriter who played with such notable bands as Journey, Vinnie Vincent, Channel, and his current band, The Sky. Along with Journey, he received his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution on the band's massively successful Infinity album, and helped pen some of their biggest hits, such as Wheel In the Sky.

At the age of 13, Robert began experimenting with his growing love for art by assembling collages that depicted surrealistic imagery interacting with environments that seemed to come through other dimensions of time and space, challenging and inviting the viewer to share in Fleischman's unique vision. Soon, he began creating musical representations of his art. From painting to collage, digital art, and sculpting, he has remained a unique, relevant, and important figure within the art and music worlds.

More about Ivanhoe and Douglas Nicholson
Doug Nicholson ensures that Ivanhoe is an upscale Pub & Eatery in downtown Racine that improves the quality of life for Racine. His team provides the best service, food, and drinks with consistency and cleanliness, while providing attention to detail and having fun. Ivanhoe exemplifies Doug’s five core business values––Enthusiasm, Creativity, Profitability, Passion, and Fun.