White Gold: The Appeal of Lustre

February 9 - July 6, 2014

Featuring contemporary sculpture, pottery, and adornment that utilize shiny materials, such as lustre glazes and gold, as well as clay and other substances, White Gold playfully looks at the social and cultural context of certain media.

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Ralph Bacerra, Bennett Bean, A. Blair Clemo, Philip Cornelius, Megan Corwin, Leopold Foulem, Keiko Fukazawa, John Glick, Rain Harris, Rian de Jong, Cindy Kolodziejski, Tara Locklear, Philip Maberry, Ruta Reifen, Adrian Saxe, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Joan Takayama-Ogawa, Jason Walker, Beatrice Wood, Irina Zatceyva, and Silvia Zampa.
Yoko Sekino-Bove
Total Rip-Off Teapot (Genuine Fake China Series), 2010
Porcelain, glazes, and gold luster
Collection of the Artist
Photography: Courtesy of the Artist
Nancy Megan Corwin
My Dolly is Proud of Her Hat, Ring, 2012
Porcelain, 22k-gold, sterling silver, and striped agate
Collection of the Artist
Photography: Douglas Yaple
Adrian Saxe
Ewer (Jawgasm: RTC) , 1994
Porcelain, stoneware with glazes and lustres, and found objects
Racine Art Museum, The Donna Moog Teapot Collection
Photography: Michael Tropea, Chicago
A. Blair Clemo
Ecuelle, 2013
Red stoneware
Collection of the Artist
Photography: Courtesy of the Artist
Rain Harris
Bedazzle, 2006
Porcelain, lusters, Plexiglas®, rhinestones, and feathers
Courtesy of Sherrie Gallerie, Columbus, Ohio
Photography: Courtesy of the Artist
Ruta Reifen
Ring (Waiting for Godot Series), 2012
Porcelain and gold-plated brass
Collection of the Artist
Photography: Ran Plotenzki
This exhibition is made possible in part by: Presenting Sponsors - Karen Johnson Boyd and William B. Boyd; SC Johnson; Windgate Charitable Foundation; Gold Sponsors - Herzfeld Foundation; Johnson Bank; Sam and Gene Johnson Fund; National Endowment for the Arts; Racine United Arts Fund; Silver Sponsors - Osborne and Scekic Family Foundation; W.T. Walker Group, Inc.; Wisconsin Arts Board; Bronze Sponsors - 88NINE Radio Milwaukee; CNH Industrial; Corner House; Craft in America PBS Series; E.C. Styberg Foundation, Inc.; Educators Credit Union; In Sink Erator; Miracle on Canal Street; The Norbell Foundation; Perimeter Gallery, Chicago; Real Racine; Ruud Family Foundation; Carol C. Saunders.