Potter’s Wheel and Sculptural Ceramics | Ages 10–16

Create a variety of functional and non-functional ceramic pieces using the potter’s wheel and handbuilding techniques. Depending on the weather and allotted time, outdoor Raku firing may occur on the last day of class. Sign up early, this class fills up fast!

Potter’s Wheel and Sculptural Ceramics | Ages 10–162021-04-07T14:55:41-05:00

Potter’s Wheel | Ages 8–16

An introduction to wheel throwing and the principles of form, mass and texture. Learn through demonstrations and gentle guidance.

Potter’s Wheel | Ages 8–162021-04-02T14:44:11-05:00

Sculpting with Clay | Ages 8–16

Create sculptural art pieces using handbuilding techniques. Learn to make surface textures, build functional and non functional vessels and construct dimensional ceramic art works.

Sculpting with Clay | Ages 8–162021-04-02T14:47:04-05:00

Intermediate and Beginner Ceramics

Discover new and exciting advanced wheel throwing techniques. Learn how to easily make plates, throw on a larger scale, and how to combine multiple thrown forms to make a functional teapot.

Intermediate and Beginner Ceramics2021-03-05T09:50:36-06:00

Beginner’s Handbuilding

Learn to make clay objects using nothing but your hands and a few basic tools. Explore primitive forming techniques such as slab, coiling, and pinching methods to create functional and sculptural ceramic art in this low-impact, calming class.

Beginner’s Handbuilding2021-02-24T11:15:56-06:00

Potter’s Wheel

Create your own forms on the potter's wheel, learning from demonstrations and lots of practice in this beginner's class. Discover various techniques through in-depth exploration of form and function, and how to use clay in its purest form.

Potter’s Wheel2021-02-16T10:24:42-06:00

Open Studio Ceramics

This class is designed for the advanced student with experience. Join this fun Tuesday clay group and work in an open studio environment, practicing potter’s wheel and hand building skills and techniques.

Open Studio Ceramics2021-03-12T10:30:36-06:00

Open Studio Clay

No facilitator or instructor on-site. Must be a registered RAM Member and class taker to use Wustum's studio for personal projects.

Open Studio Clay2021-02-24T09:42:50-06:00

Clay Fun! No School Day | Ages 7–13

Make functional clay pieces such as bowls, pencil cups, and more. You will even get to make your own mug for hot cocoa or a hot chocolate bomb! This is a scheduled vacation day for RUSD students.

Clay Fun! No School Day | Ages 7–132020-12-09T17:52:04-06:00
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