Fiber Collection

RAM’s fiber collection is ever-growing. Comprised of installations, wall works, sculpture, clothing, and one of the strongest representations of baskets in North America, it naturally encompasses a variety of processes, media, and conceptual approaches. Significantly, larger-scale works by artists such as Françoise Grossen, Jan Hopkins, Rebecca Medel, Jean Stamsta, and Claire Zeisler share space with container or vessel-based baskets by Mary Jackson and JoAnne Russo, embroidered and stitched works by David Harper and Carol Shinn, quilts by Michael James and Aj Kjima, and multi-dimensional works that utilize techniques associated with basketmaking by artists such as John Garrett and John McQueen.

Emphasizing a collecting focus that has not historically been given much attention by other institutions despite its significance within the field of contemporary craft, art-to-wear is currently represented in the form of jackets, vests, shawls, and other wearable pieces by well-known makers such as Jean Williams Cacicedo, Deborah Cross, Randall Darwall, Tim Harding, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, and Chunghie Lee.

Below is a sample of RAM’s growing fiber collection.

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