Holder 2004.94 Zorina (neckpiece) Crop

Art Jewelry Collection

In addition to having an international focus, RAM’s art jewelry collection contains works by established artists as well as those who are emerging. This variety ensures lively juxtapositions as the generations of jewelers carry interests that both intersect and diverge. Artists represented in RAM’s collection offer a context for understanding the complexity and dynamism of the field—the variety of topics explored is as diverse as the artists. Some issues raised include: questions of beauty and value; the relationship between the wearable and the un-wearable; personal concerns; formal investigations of materials, patterns, and design; the natural world and the built environment; topics of social and cultural importance, such as material use and recycling; explorations of gender and identity; and the relationship between the past and present.

Represented artists include Melanie Bilenker, Liv Blavarp, Jessica Calderwood, Peter Chang, Donna D’Aquino, Daniel DiCaprio, Teresa Faris, Laurie Hall, Lisa Gralnick, Lindsey Locatelli, Tara Locklear, Bruce Metcalf, Earl Pardon, Yuka Saito, and Art Smith.

As is true with all facets of RAM’s collections policy, multiple examples by a single artist or artist team are acquired to demonstrate his/her/their process of development over a period of time. Art jewelry archive artists—with works numbering ten or more—include: Carolyn Morris Bach, Kat Cole, Michael Croft, Ben J. Cunningham, Robert W. Ebendorf, Sandra Enterline, Arline Fisch, Steven Ford and David Forlano, Elsa Freund, Terri Gelenian-Wood, Danielle Gori-Montanelli, John J. Grant (with Robert W. Ebendorf), Tina Fung Holder, Tory Hughes, Ken Loeber, Dona Look (with Ken Loeber), Eleanor Moty, Harold O’Connor, Ivy Ross (with Robert W. Ebendorf), Antonia Schwed, Joyce Scott, Kiff Slemmons, Mary Tingley, Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams, Pier Voulkos, Elise Winters, and Marci Zelmanoff.

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