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The 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution granted women the right to vote 100 years ago. Throughout 2020, various organizations—including RAM—are recognizing this significant milestone.

RAM acknowledges the efforts of self-identifying women in the art world consistently and sincerely at all times. The museum is taking the occasion of this anniversary to highlight how women are inextricably woven—and often the foundation—of creative endeavors and discourse. RAM exhibitions during this special year of recognition highlight the museum’s holdings of works in various media by female artists. These shows also highlight noteworthy, and unique, statistics. By current count, 40% of the artists in RAM’s collection are women. This percentage—which is consistently increasing—is already substantially greater than the ratios calculated at other organizations with permanent collections and active exhibition programs. At RAM, work made by different genders is considered for inclusion in the museum’s holdings on equal terms. And notably, this policy has been reinforced by open-minded donors who have collected quality work regardless of gender.


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Dates are subject to change.

Expect the Unexpected: Unusual Materials in Contemporary Craft

Expect the Unexpected features artworks drawn from RAM’s collection that incorporate unusual, surprising, or challenging materials. Rather than shying away from the potential care challenges they might entail, RAM embraces these objects as reflections of the inventiveness and experimentation that characterizes much contemporary art.

Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: October 21, 2020 – January 23, 2021|

Collection Focus: Mary Giles

This exhibition features work by Mary Giles—one of the most well-represented fiber artists in RAM's permanent collection—who made objects throughout her career that reflected her interest in materials and traditional basketmaking techniques.

Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: October 21, 2020 – January 23, 2021|

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