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Current Exhibitions

Presenting work from artists who create meaningful statements in craft media, RAM dispels any differentiation between fine art and craft and between the artist and the craftsperson. Exhibitions at RAM emphasize ideas behind the artwork, rather than following strict media categories.

All shows at RAM change two to three times each year. Exhibitions are currently being drawn almost exclusively from RAM’s extensive and dynamic collection.

Collection Focus: Frances and Michael Higgins

In the late 1940s, contemporary glass production was given new energy as Frances and Michael Higgins reinvigorated the ancient practice of glass fusing. Racine Art Museum recently established an archive collection of 75 works created collaboratively and individually by the Higginses.

2024-02-20T15:50:31-06:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: January 31 – October 12, 2024|
  • Nagatani Ir2022.231 Ford Coupe Hall Farm Near Riverside Photo Tyler Potter

RAM Showcase: Patrick Nagatani

Comprised of pieces spanning multiple decades—specifically 1977 – 2006—the archive features various types of photographs. This exhibition debuts selections from the archive in stages—consecutively showcasing the Nagatani/Ryoichi Excavations Series, Chromatherapy Series, and works related to nuclear power.

2024-02-09T14:29:50-06:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: January 31 – October 12, 2024|

Zero Waste: Objects

Drawn entirely from RAM’s collection, this exhibition—and the one that replaces it in the fall—highlights artists that repurpose materials originally intended for a use other than art.

2024-01-31T09:06:46-06:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: January 31 – October 12, 2024|

Watercolor Wisconsin 2023

Now in its 57th year, the exhibition was started in 1966 to honor the depth and breadth of watercolor in the State of Wisconsin.

2023-12-28T08:57:16-06:00Location: RAM's Wustum Museum| Dates: December 13, 2023 – April 13, 2024|

RAM Showcase: Focus on Clay

Part of the RAM Showcase exhibition series, Focus on Clay centers on the work of artists of color and those represented here specifically reflect a range of artistic practices and approaches. Taken collectively, these objects represent multiple decades of working with clay.

2023-12-28T08:59:45-06:00Location: RAM's Wustum Museum| Dates: June 14, 2023 – May 25, 2024|
  • Viola Frey Exhibition Installation

RAM’s First 20 Years: A Visual History of the Art and Architecture

This Windows on Fifth exhibition is a visual summary of the art and architecture that helped shape the early chapters of Racine Art Museum, blending objects from RAM's holdings with photographs of both the building designed by Brininstool + Lynch and the galleries filled with art.

2023-12-28T09:03:38-06:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: June 17, 2023 – July 20, 2024|

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