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Due to the dynamic nature of COVID-19, the dates and content of current and future exhibitions at RAM and RAM’s Wustum Museum may be required to change. Any updates to these exhibitions will be announced through regular channels, including website, email, and social media. If needed, participating artists will be contacted directly.

Current Exhibitions

Presenting work from artists who create meaningful statements in craft media, RAM dispels any differentiation between fine art and craft and between the artist and the craftsperson. Exhibitions at RAM emphasize ideas behind the artwork, rather than following strict media categories.

All shows at RAM change two to three times each year. Exhibitions are currently being drawn almost exclusively from RAM’s extensive and dynamic collection.


Playful/Pensive: Contemporary Artists and Contemporary Issues

The artworks included in this exhibition are either playful or thought-provoking, and sometimes both—seeming lighthearted at first but ultimately speaking to deeper, more complex issues. Constructed of materials, such as ceramic and glass, that can withstand the demanding conditions of RAM’s Windows on Fifth gallery, these works reflect personal, social, and cultural issues and ideas in sometimes unexpected ways.

2022-04-29T08:49:25-05:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: August 6, 2021 – July 16, 2022|

RAM Showcase: Objects

The unifying theme of this exhibition is that the works presented are objects—sculptural, functional, or both—made by artists from diverse backgrounds, all residing within the United States. Subject matter varies—from material exploration to personal narrative to function. While this work is not directly issue-oriented, the fact that the makers themselves, as artists of color, have experienced a wide range of implicit and explicit biases is a subcontext worthy of consideration. Seen through that lens, the story these objects tell is even more complex.

2022-03-16T13:47:17-05:00Location: RAM's Wustum Museum| Dates: December 15, 2021 – May 28, 2022|

In the Round: Vessels and Sculpture from RAM’s Collection

In the Round showcases artwork that is best understood when contemplated from more than one angle—pieces whose stories and designs unfold as a viewer actively engages in exploring the whole thing.

2022-04-29T08:50:31-05:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: January 26  – July 30, 2022|

RAM Showcase: Abstraction

This show—part of the new RAM Showcase series of exhibitions—highlights contemporary artists of color whose work addresses intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual concepts through abstraction.

2022-03-16T13:23:26-05:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: February 9 – June 11, 2022|

Fool the Eye: Addressing Illusion in Contemporary Art

This exhibition, with works drawn from RAM’s collection, features contemporary interpretations of trompe l’oeil (fool or deceive the eye) technique.

2022-04-29T08:51:26-05:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: February 9 – September 24, 2022|

Precedents: Past Meets Present in Contemporary Glass and Clay

Precedents offers new contexts for understanding how motifs resurface regularly through generations, how much variety is possible within the dynamic of a certain material and relative size, and how artists might look at each other’s work for inspiration.

2022-04-29T08:53:47-05:00Location: Racine Art Museum| Dates: February 9 – September 24, 2022|

Racine Unified School District Exhibition 2022

The annual Racine Unified Student Art Exhibition at RAM's Wustum Museum features artwork created by area school children from grades K–12. Curated by the Unified School's art faculty, the exhibition demonstrates the excellence achieved by students and their teachers.

2022-05-05T09:32:54-05:00Location: RAM's Wustum Museum| Dates: May 4–28|

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