Wustum Generations

January 22 - April 30, 2017

The Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine Art Museum’s forebear, was founded on November 16, 1941. Housed on property that was given to the city of Racine to be used for a fine arts museum, Wustum has not just survived, but thrived, as a significant arts organization. With this exhibition featuring works by artists important to Wustum’s history on a variety of levels, RAM pays homage to its ancestor on its 75th anniversary.

When RAM came into existence in 2003, the role of the artist in institutional development necessarily expanded in need and scope. Artists who have played important roles at Wustum and RAM have done so not just as working artists, but also as teachers, donors, board members, volunteers, committee members, staff, activists, catalysts for large gifts, benefactors, and donors of significant archives. The artists included in this exhibition fulfill two criteria—they have been essential to the development of Wustum and RAM in one or more capacities and they are represented in RAM’s holdings.

Exhibition Notes
Timeline – 75 Years of Art at RAM's Wustum Museum
Press Room

Mark Adams, Renie Breskin Adam, Rick Bartow, Jerrold Belland, Sharon A. Blaesing, Bill Blaesing, Sandy Blain, Karen Johnson Boyd, Frank Boyden, Robert R. Burkert, Gibson Byrd, Warrington Colescott, Doug DeVinny, Robert W. Ebendorf, Lisa Englander, George Frederiksen, Terri Gelenian-Wood, Byron Gere, John Goray, Sherman Groenke, Ruth Grotenrath, Karen Gunderson, Walter S. Hamady, Caren Heft, James Hoffman, David V. Holmes, Richard J. Jensen, Cherry Barr Jerry, Michael Jerry, Sylvester Jerry, Rosita Johanson, Samuel C. Johnson, Edwin C. Kalke, Schomer Lichtner, Frank Lobdell, Alex Mandli, Ruth Miles, Michael W. Monroe, Frances Myers, Helen Napier, Manuel Neri, Edna M. Olson, Frank Paluch, John Parsons, JoAnna Poehlmann, Michael Pry, Kaaren Wiken and Tom Rauschke, Bill Reid, Helen Sawyer, Jan Serr, Berta Sherwood, Susan M. Sorenson, Frank Stearn, Anthony C. Stoeveken, Toshiko Takaezu, Merle Temkin, Mary Tingley, Beth Van Hoesen, Alice Wendt-Broner, Elise Winters


Sylvester Jerry
Main Road, Kendall, 1933

Racine Art Museum, Gift of James T. Gibson, Jr.
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Sherman Groenke
No Thoroughfare, 1998

Racine Art Museum, George and Betty Ren Frederiksen Memorial
Purchase Award from Watercolor Wisconsin 1998
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Helen Sawyer
Cottage Interior (Inventory #31), ca. 1960

Racine Art Museum, Gift of Chris Clarkson
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Robert Burkert
Rainy Thursday, 1972

Serigraph, edition 50/50
Racine Art Museum, Gift of the Artist
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Terri Gelenian-Wood
Futuristic Flatware, ca. 1995

Sterling silver and laminate
Racine Art Museum, Gift of Paul Wood
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

David V. Holmes
The Naturalist/BC, 1989

Watercolor, collage, and found objects
Racine Art Museum, Christopher Geoffrey Blaesing Memorial
Purchase Award from Watercolor Wisconsin 1989
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Alex Mandli
Covered Jar, 1983

Glazed stoneware
Racine Art Museum, Gift of James T. Gibson
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Ruth Grotenrath
Untitled, ca. 1975

Casein on Japanese paper
Racine Art Museum, The Schomer Lichtner Trust
and the Kohler Foundation, Inc.
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

This exhibition is made possible by: Platinum Sponsors - Karen Johnson Boyd and William B. Boyd, SC Johnson, Windgate Charitable Foundation; Diamond Sponsor: Osborne and Scekic Family Foundation; Gold Sponsors - Herzfeld Foundation, Johnson Bank, National Endowment for the Arts, Racine Community Foundation, W. T. Walker Group, Inc.; Silver Sponsors - Andis Foundation, Real Racine, Runzheimer International Ltd., United Way Racine County, Wisconsin Arts Board; Bronze Sponsors - Burlington Graphic Systems, Inc., CNH Industrial, EC Styberg Foundation, Educators Credit Union, In Sink Erator, The Norbell Foundation, Orkney Springs Retreat, Rasmussen Diamonds, Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild, Wisconsin Public Radio