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Earn Points for Taking Classes

How it Works

Each class is assigned a number of points based on the class fee. For example, an 8-week adult class is worth 10 points. Once you earn 50 points, you can redeem them for a free 4-week adult class. Or wait until your points add up to 100 and redeem for a free 8-Week adult class. The more classes you take, the sooner you can earn a FREE art class. It is just that simple.

Adult Class Points

8-week adult class = 10 points

Redeem 100 points for free class.

4-week adult class = 5 points

Redeem 50 points for free class.

1-day adult workshop = 3 points

Redeem 50 points for free class.

2-day adult class = 6 points

Redeem 60 points for free class.

1-week adult Masters Workshop = 20 points

Redeem 200 points for free Masters Workshop.

Children’s Class Points

8-week kids class = 8 points

Redeem 80 points for free class.

4-week kids class = 4 points

Redeem 40 points for free class.

5-day kids camp = 8 points

Redeem 80 points for free class.

3-day kids camp = 5 points

Redeem 50 points for free class.

Some Restrictions Apply

  • Points can only be shared and redeemed between immediate family members.

  • Supply fees must be paid separately.

  • Some classes may not fit into the above points system, please inquire when registering.
  • Points must be redeemed within three years of the year which they were earned; after three years, points will expire.

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