Spinner Ring Workshop

Make a fun and fidget-friendly flared spinner ring! Create a base of sterling silver with the outer moving ring(s) in your choice of copper, brass, or sterling silver. Learn to solder, stamp twist wire, and more.

Spinner Ring Workshop2020-12-11T20:28:57+00:00

Band Ring Workshop

Learn basic hammering, forming and soldering skills while creating your own textured sterling silver band ring. Great as a refresher course or to learn beginner technique.

Band Ring Workshop2020-12-11T19:40:37+00:00

Link Up With Chain! Virtual Class

Discover how fun and relaxing it is to make eye catching chains from home. Start with links without heat, progress to mastering the butane mini torch to create classic fused loop in loop chains with endless variations. Finish with your own custom designs using copper, brass, fine silver, and argentium and more.

Link Up With Chain! Virtual Class2020-09-21T16:27:20+00:00