• Unraveled Crochet Granny Square Fiber Crop

Crochet Granny Square Workshop

Learn crocheting techniques to create a decorative square or two, then take these skills home with you to create more! Granny would be so proud.

Crochet Granny Square Workshop2022-05-11T11:20:21-05:00
  • Unraveled Painted Yarn Wall Hanging Crop

Painted Yarn Wall Hanging Workshop

Paint a precut shape of your choice, then attach yarn as fringe to make an eye-catching, mixed media wall hanging.

Painted Yarn Wall Hanging Workshop2022-05-11T11:26:50-05:00
  • On The Loom

On the Loom

Learn how to warp a tabletop loom and weave a beautiful scarf—great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself!

On the Loom2022-05-13T12:16:26-05:00
  • Unraveled Macrame Plant Holder Crop

Macramé Plant Hanger Workshop

Calling the 1970s for this Throwback Thursday! Make a groovy macramé plant hanger with a pop of color.

Macramé Plant Hanger Workshop2022-05-11T11:31:21-05:00
  • Unraveled Punch Needle Fiber Crop

Punch Needle Workshop

Use a punch needle tool to embroider an image with yarn. Choose from a handful of predesigned patterns to get you started on your cozy needle art.

Punch Needle Workshop2022-05-11T11:14:58-05:00
  • Kid Weaving Summer2019 Crop

Weaving 101 Workshop: Ages 7–13

Welcome to the world of weaving! Learn how to weave a wall hanging or two using various fibers and natural found objects.

Weaving 101 Workshop: Ages 7–132022-05-09T16:40:35-05:00

Puff-n-Stuff | Ages 7–13

Create a soft sculpture of a stuffed animal or fantastical creature. Learn how to design and construct a 3D soft figurine.

Puff-n-Stuff | Ages 7–132021-04-02T14:52:45-05:00

Mother’s Day Silk Scarf Painting Workshop

Create a silk scarf gift for mom, or bring mom to this class as a special Mother's Day treat for two! Enjoy a mimosa and treats while learning basic dye application techniques, including resist, salt application, and tie-dye.

Mother’s Day Silk Scarf Painting Workshop2024-02-20T11:42:32-06:00

Silk Scarf Painting Workshop

Learn basic dye application techniques, including resist, salt application, and tie-dye. Create two or three wearable art pieces using this centuries-old painting form, including a circle scarf. Great for gifts!

Silk Scarf Painting Workshop2023-07-28T16:07:14-05:00

Virtual Silk Scarf Painting Workshop

Create beautiful silk scarves right in your own home! Two scarves will be created while learning dye techniques.

Virtual Silk Scarf Painting Workshop2020-09-15T17:51:58-05:00


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