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  • Adult Collage Winter 22 Crop

Valentine Collage and Card Art Workshop

Create handmade cards and a collage piece inspired by the season of love! A great workshop for adults and teenagers alike.

Valentine Collage and Card Art Workshop2023-01-30T12:25:30-06:00
  • Laura Gillespie Red Paper Mushroom

Magical World of Mushrooms Workshop—Part 2

Another opportunity to create a paper mushroom that fools the eyes. Part 2 is devoted to recreating one of the most famous fungi in the world—the white-spotted red mushroom known as the fly agaric.

Magical World of Mushrooms Workshop—Part 22022-12-20T11:10:25-06:00
  • Laura Gillespie Brown Paper Mushroom Crop

Magical World of Mushrooms Workshop—Part 1

Welcome to the world of fungi! Learn the art of paper crafting to make unbelievably realistic paper mushrooms.

Magical World of Mushrooms Workshop—Part 12022-12-19T12:17:12-06:00
  • Kelsey Marie Harris Fly Poem

The Art of the Written Word

Combine the art of the written word with acrylic and collage to make a piece that sends a message—both literally and artistically. Kelsey Marie Harris, former Art Root Writer in Residence and featured Wall Poems poet, will share insight on bringing poetry to life through visual art and design.

The Art of the Written Word2022-09-01T17:23:02-05:00
  • Kelsey Marie Harris Digital Sketch Savour

Digital Sketching

Create quick and expressive sketches using a pen tool on an iPad. Learn some tips and tricks from artist Kelsey Marie Harris, who has been using this method to develop her recent style of digital artwork. One of the best parts of digital art-making is how easy it is to erase, change colors in a flash, and create multiple prints. What’s not to like?!

Digital Sketching2022-08-30T12:42:22-05:00
  • Gillespie Paper Rudbeckia Flower Crop

Paper Rudbeckia Workshop

Try your hand at creating a rudbeckia—often known for its sub-species called the Black-Eyed Susan—from paper through the guided expertise of artist Laura Gillespie. No prior experience is necessary.

Paper Rudbeckia Workshop2022-09-01T17:20:24-05:00
  • Linocut print on ceramic depicting two figures in a room. A bald man with a beard, green shirt, and artist smock is working with a large vessel on the left side of the room. A woman with long black hair, a light purple shirt, and blue pants is pouring water from a similarly large vessel into a bowl. A bird is perched on a branch outside the window.

Printmaking + Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless

An introduction to printing on clay using screen and relief printing techniques. Renowned printmaker and ceramicist Paul Andrew Wandless will teach you how to put images into screens without the use of a darkroom and how to carve designs into relief blocks. Then, learn how to print multi-color images using these screens and reliefs.

Printmaking + Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless2022-07-07T13:21:59-05:00
  • Wustum Giraffe Sculptures 2021

Paper Lily Workshop

Craft a deceptively realistic lily flower out of craft paper. No prior experience is necessary.

Paper Lily Workshop2022-05-05T16:40:37-05:00
  • Gillespie Paper Agave Plant Crop

Paper Agave Plant Workshop

Use craft paper to form surprisingly lifelike agave plants. No prior experience is necessary.

Paper Agave Plant Workshop2022-06-07T11:26:07-05:00
  • Gillespie Paper Hemp Flowers 1

Paper Hemp Flowers Workshop

Craft paper hemp flowers that look as if they were grown fresh on a farm. No prior experience is necessary.

Paper Hemp Flowers Workshop2022-05-19T09:56:20-05:00
  • Kid Zero Waste Sculpture 2022 Crop

Waste-Not Wearables and Whatchamacallits! Ages 7–13

Ready, set, recycle! Pick and choose from an amazing selection of trash materials and turn them into wearable and sculptural art—helping the planet one art piece at a time.

Waste-Not Wearables and Whatchamacallits! Ages 7–132022-04-12T10:33:34-05:00

Art from Around the World: Ages 4–6

Calling all future globe trotters! Let's explore a variety of materials and art styles from around the world in a fun and stimulating creative environment.

Art from Around the World: Ages 4–62022-04-12T10:30:56-05:00
  • Wustum Giraffe Sculptures 2021

Groovy Garden Art: Ages 7–13

Using the Wustum gardens as inspiration, kids will created sustainable art from a variety of recycled materials that can grace your own garden for years to come.

Groovy Garden Art: Ages 7–132022-04-12T11:08:43-05:00

Mixed Media Painting: Ages 10–13

Paint amazing artworks both abstract and realistic using a variety of paints and other materials.

Mixed Media Painting: Ages 10–132022-04-12T11:09:52-05:00
  • Pop Art Pizza 2021 Crop

Pop Art Pandemonium: Ages 7–13

Find inspiration from some of the most beloved Pop artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Romero Britto. Discover the essence of what made their art pop while developing your own style and finding what makes your own art come to life.

Pop Art Pandemonium: Ages 7–132022-04-21T16:10:12-05:00
  • Kid Drawing Animals

Creature Crafts and Animal Art: Ages 7–13

Step into the wild side by creating artwork that represents the colors, patterns, and characteristics of creatures both large and small. Craft 2-D and 3-D work from a variety of materials in this exciting animal art escapade.

Creature Crafts and Animal Art: Ages 7–132022-04-12T10:59:32-05:00
  • Wustum Giraffe Sculptures 2021

Art and Nature: Ages 4–6

Let's plant seeds of imagination and cultivate our creativity! Explore nature to gather inspiration then use natural items as part of the artmaking process. A great class for the budding artist!

Art and Nature: Ages 4–62022-04-12T10:47:59-05:00
  • Landscape painting in blacks and blues depicting a large body of shimmering light blue water surrounded by dark trees and flora. A man's head with different sized eyeballs is peering out of the water near the bottom center and is staring at the viewer.

Imaginary Landscapes Workshop: Ages 7–13

Create a 3-D imaginary landscape inspired by Lost at Sea—a loaned piece by artist Edouard Duval-Carrié on display in the RAM exhibition, Blurry Boundaries—that challenges preconceptions and creates a sense of time and place, whether real or imaginary.

Imaginary Landscapes Workshop: Ages 7–132022-04-11T12:27:09-05:00

Mini Masterworks! Ages 4–6

Young artists will create museum-ready masterpieces throughout the week utilizing a variety of skills and fun materials.

Mini Masterworks! Ages 4–62022-04-12T11:14:36-05:00


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