• 11 23

Origami Wreaths Workshop

Use some basic folding techniques to make a wonderful wreath for the holidays.

Origami Wreaths Workshop2023-08-09T11:06:00-05:00
  • Envelope Book Class 10 23

Envelope Books Workshop

Make a one-of-a-kind book using recycled materials.

Envelope Books Workshop2023-08-09T13:57:11-05:00
  • Pumpkins Class 10 23

Paper Pumpkins Workshop

Get creative with these festive pumpkins for your Fall decor.

Paper Pumpkins Workshop2023-08-09T13:59:13-05:00
  • Gillespie Paper Pointsettia 1

Paper Poinsettia Workshop

Craft a picture-perfect paper poinsettia to use for your holiday decorations. No prior experience is necessary.

Paper Poinsettia Workshop2023-07-28T16:05:38-05:00


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