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SAVOURing RAM @ 20

Savouring Ram @ 20
Photography: Lori Potrykus

Saturday, September 23 at 5:30 pm
at Racine Art Museum, 441 Main Street, Racine

SAVOURing RAM @ 20 continues the SAVOUR tradition of pairing local artists and chefs to highlight delectable cuisine alongside exceptional art, creating a unique and engaging way to promote visual and culinary arts. These pairings are curated based on various factors, such as the types of work or food created by each participant and the personal history between people.

In celebration of the Racine Art Museum’s Twentieth Anniversary in 2023, SAVOURing RAM @ 20 brings the party to the heart of Downtown Racine for the first time—taking place throughout public and private areas of RAM at 441 Main Street, Racine.


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