Artist René Amado + La Taquiza Guadalajara

Artist + Food Pairing at SAVOUR 2021:
La Raza = Community

Evolving cultures. Showcasing Mexican American Heritage. Food straight from Guadalajara. Capturing daily life in Racine. These are the factors that come into play when you taste the food of La Taquiza Guadalajara and view the street style art photography of René Amado. Both of these Racine gems bring a sense of family and community to their work. La Taquiza is a family run business, specializing in crafting traditional food directly from the home kitchens of Guadalajara. René is an integral part of a community of artists, and an advocate for social justice and change in Racine. These two click due to their love of food, art, family, and community.

Auction Experience Package:
Under Exposed: Uncovering Mexican Food and Art… and Tequila

Did you say tequila?! How about tequila straight from Tequila, Mexico. The Davalos family takes an annual pilgrimage to this region to buy the best tequila for a tasting like no other. Uncover some of the intricate flavors that different tequilas possess. And of course, there will be food + art! Lupe and the La Taquiza family will create an elevated, curated, and amazing meal that you will think came straight from a Top Chef challenge! Discover which spices and flavors are unique to Guadalajara chefs and home cooks. Also, take time to reflect on what has happened locally and globally through the artistic eye of René Amado and his storytelling photos. René will share his current work and teach you how to take a more artistic (and truth telling) photo with your phone camera. René will also take candids of this special event and share an online album with you and your guests.

Elect to have his experience at The Branch or your home.

This package can be redeemed after January 2022.

This is a package for up to 10 guests, dates must be mutually agreed on by all parties. Expires December 31, 2022.

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