Artist April Harris + Chit Chaat—Angela and Junaid Shafique

Artist + Food Pairing at SAVOUR 2021:
From the Mountain to the Streets

Savor flavors straight from the Afghan mountains. Chit Chaat will bring their savory, street style food to SAVOUR, highlighting the unique flavors of fair trade spices. You’ll enjoy an undeniable taste explosion. Partnering with artist April Harris just made sense for the senses. April makes art that explodes with flavor on canvas and paper. Her designs show her commitment to capturing a moment, a person, a story. April has created an artwork for the auction that embodies the inspiration behind the Chit Chaat story—using her very special method of incorporating color and design to make the narrative come alive.

Auction Experience Package:
The Art of Spice

Enjoy an exclusive experience for eight at Chit Chaat with owners Angela and Junaid Shafique and artist April Harris. You group will be immersed in the colors, cultures, and spices that are Chit Chaat. Find out what this food is all about, how they take fair trade spices originating from their home region of Pakistan, and use them to make mouthwatering dishes. Junaid will have the dish deconstructed and demonstrate the behind-the-scenes cooking process. Then, you get to east the exceptional results. But wait, there is more! Award-winning artist April Harris will showcase her work, sharing a bit about her personal artistic journey. Then, she will guide your group through a creative activity using acrylic paints. An infusion of colors and visual flavors will spring to life under her tutelage.

This is a package for up to 10 guests, dates must be mutually agreed on by all parties. Expires December 31, 2022.

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