Artist Dee Hutch + SapSap—Alex Hanesakda

Artist + Food Pairing at SAVOUR 2021:
Meet the Beat Boys

This dynamic duo grew up under the influence of hip-hop culture. Both heavily involved in the Racine event, Origins of Hip-Hop, Dee Hutch and Alex Hanesakda are originals.

Dee’s artwork has a style that is vibrant and colorful, with depth of emotion and way of capturing spirit and soul. Alex has created a new flavor profile for Racine with his innovative take on Laotian style food that is mouthwatering, delicious, and full of history.

You can feel the depth of their passion for their craft in all they create. This pairing is Unbeatable!

Auction Experience Package: Hangin’ with Dee and Alex

Enjoy a private event for up to 10 guests at the newly renovated and totally cool Sap Sap—either inside or on the patio. Alex Hanesakda will provide an insight to his Lao style food (with a Wisco twist!), which is heartwarmingly embraces his background, and share his inspired approach to honoring his people through food.

Dee Hutch will create an art piece right before your eyes! Get insight into what makes this phenomenal artist tick. The winning bidder will walk away with an original piece by Dee.

Throw a DJ in the mix, to set the ambience—and get your groove on—and you will have the supreme dream team experience!

This is a package for up to 10 guests, dates must be mutually agreed on by all parties. Expires December 31, 2022.

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