Artists Nick Ramsey + Stacey Guzman + Taste of Soul 262—Damien McCray

Artist + Food Pairing at SAVOUR 2021:
A Tale of Three Souls

Nick Ramsey and Damien McCray of Taste of Soul 262 are a long-time team of creatives who have performed together and collaborate in the band, Nick Ramsey & The Family. They each possess a passion for performing and connecting community.

Taste the soul in the Taste of Soul 262 dish, aptly named as this food comes with a pinch of passion, a tablespoon of emotion, and a cupful of heart. As the band’s drummer, Damien is known for his chops on both the drums and in the kitchen. Meanwhile, you will often find local wordsmith and former Racine County Poet Laureate, Nick Ramsey jamming at Taste of Soul 262, introducing events like the ever popular Origins of Hip-Hop, or inspiring community action. Let’s add artist Stacey Guzman to the mix. Stacey is a visual artist who works in a variety of media. Both Stacey and Nick have been inspired by the story of Damien’s loving grandparents, who provide tasty food, positive energy, and love to their large family. Nick and Stacey partnered to create a poetry broadside, featuring an excerpt from an original poem written by Nick incorporated into art by Stacey, which will be included in the SAVOUR auction.

Auction Experience Package:
Jam with the Band: Nick and Damien

Nick and Damien are brothers in the band, Nick Ramsey & The Family, an extension of the Family Power Music group. Spend an evening at Taste of Soul 262 and experience a private performance with this collective while getting to taste the soul-full food that puts this spot on the map of number one places to eat and jam in Racine. Not only are they serving up incredible edibles, but you can find action here every night. From Soul Food Sundays to Tuesday Karaoke to Wednesday’s open jams, there is a place for everyone at Taste of Soul 262. Bring your own family or friend family group and watch Damien come to life as he showcases his drumming skills and then teaches you how to hit the drums. Incorporating his literary guidance and lyrical expertise, Nick Ramsey will lead you through a collaborative written/spoken word exercise. Then turn it into your next jam! Nick and Damien will put the words to music in a freestyle format. The winning bidder will receive a personalized video recording after the event. End the evening chilling out and enjoying the great food and drinks!

This is a package for up to 10 guests, dates must be mutually agreed on by all parties. Expires December 31, 2022.

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