Tranquil Textiles | Ages 7–13

Explore the endless world of textile art through designing, weaving, and sewing. Learn some basic and intermediate stitches, create a stuffed animal, and weave your very own tapestry. Projects include paper house weaving, intro to stitching, pillow pets, and more!

Tranquil Textiles | Ages 7–132023-04-19T16:39:26-05:00
  • Recycled Bonsai Tree April2023 Emma Vanderwall Feat

Free Drop-in for Art at RAM’s Wustum Museum

In celebration of Earth Day, drop in at RAM's Wustum Museum from 3:30 to 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 20, to craft your own Recycled Bonsai Tree! Not only will you create a stunning piece of decor, but you'll also be repurposing materials that would have ended up in a landfill.

Free Drop-in for Art at RAM’s Wustum Museum2023-04-07T10:44:14-05:00
  • featSummer camp girls working on sculpture

Studio Arts: Past, Present and Future | Ages 7–13

Take a walkabout through the galleries to gain inspiration from the summer community exhibition, Futures, and discover art from local artists of all backgrounds and disciplines. Celebrate RAM’s 20th anniversary and learn about artists in the museum’s collection while traveling through time to explore the world of art. Learn various techniques and artistic ideologies, and explore a myriad of materials such as clay, paper, paint, drawing implements, and more.

Studio Arts: Past, Present and Future | Ages 7–132023-03-15T16:44:58-05:00
  • Girl Sculptural Ceramics Wk 4 Summer 2022 Cropped

Sculptural Ceramics Mash-Up! | Ages 8–16

Use both the potters wheel and handbuilding designs to create sculptural forms—a mash-up of techniques!

Sculptural Ceramics Mash-Up! | Ages 8–162023-03-13T12:43:23-05:00
  • Boy Outside Drawing Wk 4 Summer 20222 Cropped

Sketchbook-A-Thon | Ages 7–13

Artists throughout history have used sketchbooks to practice drawing and painting the world around them. Explore real fine art methods like drawing objects in a still life, or using hand-mixed colors to create realistic portraits. Get inspired every day to explore new artistic techniques, styles, and points of view.

Sketchbook-A-Thon | Ages 7–132023-03-13T12:43:09-05:00
  • Boy Recycled Art Wk 2 Su 22 Cropped

Tiny Terrarium Worlds | Ages 7–13

Create tiny worlds that exist in a futuristic setting or on another planet. Make miniature and minuscule designs using natural and unnatural materials to make the imaginary spaces. Cities, houses, people, animals, creatures, landscapes of all kinds will be scaled down into teeny, tiny forms. Honey, I did shrink the kids!

Tiny Terrarium Worlds | Ages 7–132023-03-13T12:42:30-05:00
  • Girl P Wheel Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Potter’s Wheel 2 | Ages 10–16

An introduction to wheel throwing and the principles of form, mass and texture. Learn through demonstrations and gentle guidance.

Potter’s Wheel 2 | Ages 10–162023-03-13T12:42:43-05:00
  • Girl Paint Color Circle Wk 2 Summer 2022 Cropped

Op Art | Ages 10–13

Delve into the art of optical illusions, which dates back to the 1960s with groovy artists like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. Op Art creates abstract images that give the impression of movement and similar visual effects by skewing the line between foreground and background through pattern and shape. Get ready to make your eyes see double!

Op Art | Ages 10–132023-03-13T12:40:26-05:00
  • Kids With Creature, Summer 2022 Cropped

Playing with Puppets! | Ages 7–13

Create your own unique puppet toy artwork that comes to life before your eyes. Tinker, explore, play, and use creative problem-solving to develop your 3-D creation. Learn about puppets made around the world, and how artists generate ideas for creatures, athletes, and animals from their imaginations.

Playing with Puppets! | Ages 7–132023-04-18T11:34:47-05:00
  • Boy Studio Arts Yarn Wk 1 Su 22 Cropped

Animal Mania | Ages 4–6

Spend each day learning about different species of animals and making art based on what you have learned, using a wild bunch of materials.

Animal Mania | Ages 4–62023-03-13T12:39:44-05:00
  • Girl P Wheel Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Potter’s Wheel 1 | Ages 8–16

An introduction to wheel throwing and the principles of form, mass and texture. Learn through demonstrations and gentle guidance.

Potter’s Wheel 1 | Ages 8–162023-03-13T12:38:13-05:00
  • Boy Printmaking Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Prolific Printmakers! | Ages 10–13

Move over Warhol and Rembrandt! Here come the next generation of printmakers who will make art in multiples! The beauty of printmaking is repeating your design several times, in multiple colors, on different papers using the printing press. Explore how to create your own printing blocks and different types of printmaking – reliefs, mono prints, collagraphs and more! You will be astounded with how many prints you have created by the end of the week.

Prolific Printmakers! | Ages 10–132023-03-13T12:37:24-05:00
  • Girl Painting Moon Wk 1 Studio Arts Su 22 Cropped

The Painting Effect | Ages 7–13

See what effects different styles of paint on different surfaces looks like as you paint your way through the week. Learn about color and composition along the way, to make aesthetically interesting art!

The Painting Effect | Ages 7–132023-03-13T12:37:03-05:00
  • Summer Camp Kids 2022 Cropped

Summer Art Camp: Fashioning a Fabulous, Fantastical, Fun Future | Ages 7–13

Flying to the moon, living on Mars, a garden on Venus, undersea communities, cars that fly, people that fly, robots that cook your meals or do your homework—these futuristic ideas have been imagined countless times! Let’s set our imagination to the future and reimagine what the world looks like in an artistic way—looking at the past, the events of today, and the possibilities of tomorrow. Create art that envisions the future using both traditional and some very non-traditional art-making supplies. What is your idea of future life?

Summer Art Camp: Fashioning a Fabulous, Fantastical, Fun Future | Ages 7–132023-03-07T09:51:23-06:00
  • Kids With Creature, Summer 2022 Cropped

Paper Arts that Pop! | Ages 7–13

Explore the fun of taking simple art supplies and transforming them into beautiful 3-D paper creations! Learn how artists and designers make inspiring forms from beautiful paper. Build on your creative problem-solving skills, discover fun and unique art-making traditions. Get inspired to create beautiful paper flowers, animals, people and more.

Paper Arts that Pop! | Ages 7–132023-04-18T11:36:21-05:00
  • Little Kid In Garden Drawing Wk 1 Su 22 Cropped

Nature is Neat | Ages 4–6

Calling all little garden gnomes! Let the natural wonders of nature garden journals, DIY brushes, nature stamps, and more. Enjoy outside time each day if the weather allows.

Nature is Neat | Ages 4–62023-03-13T12:35:28-05:00
  • Girl Paint Color Circle Wk 2 Summer 2022 Cropped

Art Aficionados and Super Sleuths! | Ages 7–13

The mystery of art will be exposed! Through clues and challenges, explore the galleries and have fun on a scavenger hunt tracking down various artworks. Then create art inspired by what you uncover at the museum.

Art Aficionados and Super Sleuths! | Ages 7–132023-03-08T14:05:04-06:00
  • Girl 2 Big Pot Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Clay All Day! | Ages 8–16

Learn a multitude of clay handbuilding techniques to create sculptural art that is sometimes functional but always amazing!

Clay All Day! | Ages 8–162023-03-08T14:13:00-06:00
  • Little Kid Nature Art Wk 3 Summer 22

Drawing and Painting Life | Ages 7–13

Learn real artist habits of drawing and painting from life. Explore how artists create artworks that express personal interests, celebrate favorite things, and are inspired by the world around them.

Drawing and Painting Life | Ages 7–132023-04-18T11:35:45-05:00


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