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Free Drop-in for Art at RAM’s Wustum Museum

On Thursday, May 15, people of all ages are invited to drop in at RAM's Wustum Museum from 3:30 to 5:00 pm for a hands-on art project inspired by work in the current exhibition, Racine Unified Student Art Exhibition 2024. Craft a miniature food-shaped pillow inspired by middle and high school student work depicting strawberries, pizza, cupcakes, and other delectable dishes.

Free Drop-in for Art at RAM’s Wustum Museum2024-05-13T15:42:04-05:00
  • Kids Day 2023 Azure Mahara 002

Kids Day 2024: The Art of Play

Explore creativity through an excess of FREE hands-on art projects, creative games, and scavenger hunts throughout Wustum’s beautiful gardens.

Kids Day 2024: The Art of Play2024-05-20T11:40:56-05:00
  • Full Steam Ahead 2023 Azure Mahara 016

Full Steam Ahead 2024

Discover the process of printing large-scale relief cuts using a steamroller as a massive makeshift printing press! Full Steam Ahead 2024 is free to attend at RAM’s Wustum Museum, 2519 Northwestern Avenue, on Saturday, August 10, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Full Steam Ahead 20242024-03-28T12:15:33-05:00
  • Kids Potter Wheel Class Wustum By Ram Staff

The Clay Studio | Ages 10–16

Create a variety of functional and non-functional ceramic pieces using the potter's wheel and hand building techniques.

The Clay Studio | Ages 10–162024-03-14T15:41:46-05:00
  • Scrap Art Kids Class

Scrap Art! Collage, Montage, and Assemblage | Ages 10–13

Participants will move through making a collage, a montage, and finally an assemblage artwork. Some participants may choose to add to one or to focus on a single work.

Scrap Art! Collage, Montage, and Assemblage | Ages 10–132024-03-15T16:46:59-05:00
  • Animal Drawings Diana Raucina

Character Design | Ages 7–13

Spend the week creating a character—or two!—of your choice. Learn the fundamentals of 2D design while exploring what elements make your character tick. By the end of the week, you will have created a character that has come to life on the page!

Character Design | Ages 7–132024-03-07T15:27:04-06:00
  • Boy Watercolor Summer 22

Watercolors Galore! | Ages 7–9

Explore the wonderful world of watercolor paint and all the amazing possibilities! Using this medium as the starting point, make 2D art—with some 3D elements—full of color, pattern, and paint!

Watercolors Galore! | Ages 7–92024-03-07T15:26:55-06:00
  • Little Kid In Garden Drawing Wk 1 Su 22 Cropped

Imagination Station | Ages 4–6

Discover a world of "pure imagination" that comes from your secret power source—your brain! This class is for kids who love to create and explore their untapped potential using a variety of mixed media materials that are tactile and fun.

Imagination Station | Ages 4–62024-03-13T09:15:21-05:00
  • Two Campers 2023 (1)

The Collector’s Edition | Ages 7–13

Using visual stimulation stemming from RAM's permanent collection—the largest collection of contemporary craft in North America—try your hand at making your own contemporary craft. Who knows? Maybe your art will be in a museum's collection someday!

The Collector’s Edition | Ages 7–132024-03-07T15:26:13-06:00
  • Girl Paint Color Circle Wk 2 Summer 2022

Circles, Circles Everywhere! | Ages 7–13

Rediscover this primary shape everywhere you look! Create a fun, bright Kandinsky-inspired circle tempera paintings.

Circles, Circles Everywhere! | Ages 7–132024-03-14T10:20:20-05:00
  • Altered Book Workshop

Art Journal Assemblage | Ages 7–13

Using a hardcover art journal as a base, learn how to develop an assemblage artwork as its cover.

Art Journal Assemblage | Ages 7–132024-03-07T15:25:38-06:00
  • Potters wheel kids hands

Potter’s Wheel 2 | Ages 10–16

Enjoy an introduction to wheel throwing and the principles of form, mass, and texture. Learn through demonstrations and gentle guidance.

Potter’s Wheel 2 | Ages 10–162024-03-07T15:25:11-06:00
  • Printmaking Summer 2023

Printmaking | Ages 7–13

Discover the art of making multiples! Learn to carve designs into an easy linocut material, along with other styles of printmaking which allow the artist to use one design and recreate it multiple times.

Printmaking | Ages 7–132024-03-07T15:25:01-06:00

Who You Are: Self-Portraits | Ages 7–13

After taking photos, participants will project their face on a large canvas and trace the projection. Then, participants may paint, montage, and/or assemblage their canvas to create their own unique self-portraits.

Who You Are: Self-Portraits | Ages 7–132024-03-07T15:23:12-06:00
  • Boy Polymer Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs | Ages 4–6

Creepy, crawly, or beautiful creatures? Have fun forming Model Magic into your own insect pal.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs | Ages 4–62024-03-05T16:46:20-06:00
  • Boy P Wheel Wk 4 Su 2023

Potter’s Wheel 1 | Ages 8–16

An introduction to wheel throwing and the principles of form, mass, and texture. Learn through demonstrations and gentle guidance.

Potter’s Wheel 1 | Ages 8–162024-03-07T16:06:06-06:00
  • Kid Watercolor Painting 2021

Geometric Tree Art | Ages 7–13

There are many ways to see trees. Use circular rings of color to produce a bright, abstract tree.

Geometric Tree Art | Ages 7–132024-03-07T16:05:26-06:00
  • Studio Arts Summer 2023 2

Fabric Painting | Ages 7–13

Inspired by artist Bisa Bulter, create small fabric paintings full of colors and patterns.

Fabric Painting | Ages 7–132024-05-23T11:01:44-05:00


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