• Girl Paint Color Circle Wk 2 Summer 2022 Cropped

Art Aficionados and Super Sleuths! | Ages 7–13

The mystery of art will be exposed! Through clues and challenges, explore the galleries and have fun on a scavenger hunt tracking down various artworks. Then create art inspired by what you uncover at the museum.

Art Aficionados and Super Sleuths! | Ages 7–132023-03-08T14:05:04-06:00
  • Girl 2 Big Pot Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Clay All Day! | Ages 8–16

Learn a multitude of clay handbuilding techniques to create sculptural art that is sometimes functional but always amazing!

Clay All Day! | Ages 8–162023-06-09T16:48:14-05:00
  • Little Kid Nature Art Wk 3 Summer 22

Drawing and Painting Life | Ages 7–13

Learn real artist habits of drawing and painting from life. Explore how artists create artworks that express personal interests, celebrate favorite things, and are inspired by the world around them.

Drawing and Painting Life | Ages 7–132023-04-18T11:35:45-05:00
  • Book Arts Boy 2 Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

The Art of Bookmaking | Ages 10–13

Learn several bookmaking styles and binding methods, and ways of filling the space between the front and back cover. Perfect for book lovers and artists who love to construct.

The Art of Bookmaking | Ages 10–132023-07-06T13:16:48-05:00
  • Boy Canvas Painting Summer 2022 Crop

Abstract Art | Ages 7–13

Experiment with the idea of abstract art through exploration of materials and concepts. Discover different ways to abstract through collage, painting, air-dry clay sculpture, and found object sculptures.

Abstract Art | Ages 7–132023-07-06T13:16:55-05:00
  • Kid Handbuilding Clay Spring 2022

Handbuilding with Clay: Ages 4–7

Have fun sculpting and learning all the basic techniques of working with clay.

Handbuilding with Clay: Ages 4–72023-08-24T08:49:17-05:00
  • Girl P Wheel Wk 3 Su 22 Cropped

Potter’s Wheel Friday Workshop | Ages 8–16

Learn to throw clay pots on the potter’s wheel. This class is great for both beginners and return students.

Potter’s Wheel Friday Workshop | Ages 8–162023-06-09T16:48:24-05:00
  • Girl Summer 2022 Marker Person Medusa Cropped

Graphic Novels and Illustrated Words | 10-13

Do you like to create stories? See how artists who make illustrated stories and graphic novels develop ideas and envision worlds. Have fun creating story-boards, and choose your own adventure for characters you invent. Learn how events and action can create unique and memorable worlds on the illustrated page.

Graphic Novels and Illustrated Words | 10-132023-06-28T13:29:59-05:00
  • Boy 2 Recycled Art Wk 2 Su 22 Cropped

Reinventing and Recycling a Future Rube | Ages 7–13

Reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials into artsy Rube Goldberg inventions for future civilizations! Garbage grabbing and dumpster diving with the intent to make it into usable and interesting art will be the fun focus. Enjoy the challenge of using recycled materials to create a contraption that does something, and make art that helps save the planet—one plastic bottle at a time.

Reinventing and Recycling a Future Rube | Ages 7–132023-03-13T12:04:06-05:00
  • Little Girl Mixed Media Wk 1 Su 22 Cropped

All Art Creatures Great and Small | Ages 4–6

Use all kinds of materials to explore creatures of all shapes and sizes throughout a week of animal art adventures.

All Art Creatures Great and Small | Ages 4–62023-03-13T12:04:43-05:00
  • Kid Polymer Clay 2021 Crop

Polymer Play | Ages 4–6

Discover sculpture and 3-D art using polymer clay. Each day will feature a different theme such as food, plants, and animals.

Polymer Play | Ages 4–62023-03-07T11:40:38-06:00
  • Kids Graphite Drawing In Sketchbook 2021 Crop

Illustrated Characters | Ages 7–13

How can artists generate ideas for unique illustrated characters? Learn skills illustrators use to develop painted and drawn characters who can run, jump, play, fly, and come to life with the help of your imagination. What type of world will your character live in? Your imagination will help tell your character's story.

Illustrated Characters | Ages 7–132023-04-18T11:35:13-05:00
  • Kid Drawing Flower Spring 21

The Future is so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades | Ages 7–13

What does the future hold for you? Let’s create fantastical futuristic paintings and artwork that explore a future that is so bright that you might want to put on your shades—and start looking at life through rainbow color glasses!

The Future is so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades | Ages 7–132023-03-07T11:07:02-06:00
  • Kid Recycled Art Project 2022 Crop

Cosmic Art: Ages 4–6

Explore outer space themed art, to infinity and beyond! Make planet paintings, space craft design and more…..cause baby, you are a star!

Cosmic Art: Ages 4–62023-03-02T12:42:46-06:00
  • Kids Polymer Spring 2022

Think Spring Polymer Art Workshop: Ages 7–13

Spring will be popping up with these polymer art projects! Take inspiration from the spring season to craft floral designs, succulents, and garden objects.

Think Spring Polymer Art Workshop: Ages 7–132023-02-17T13:07:46-06:00


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