From Spectrum: Contemporary Artists in Color, Jun Kaneko, Dango #11-09-02
Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine

Evergreen Elementary School with RAM on the Road
Photography: Marie Buchanan


From California Dreamin': Mark Adams and Frank Lobdell
Photography; Jon Bolton, Racine

Plein Air Art Event
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Photo Studio at RAM's Wustum campus

From Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art

Photography: Jon Bolton, Racine


From Recent Featured Acquisitions: Annette Corcoran Teapots

May 25-29

Hosted by UW-Milwaukee Jewelry and Metalsmith Program, ZOOM Milwaukee is a 4-day regional event that will host approximately 250 makers, writers, and innovators.  It will feature 10 lectures, 27 hands-on workshops, 17 exhibitions, panel discussions, museum day trips, and more.

Coinciding with ZOOM Milwaukee, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts hosts Digging Deep - Exploring Process & Presentation, open through July 3, 2016. Curated by RAM Curator of Exhibitions Lena Vigna, the exhibition is the result of visits to several artists' studios and in-depth conversations with them regarding their interests and processes for making work. Digging Deep features five Wisconsin artists also represented in RAM's collection, including Michael Dale Bernard, Jessica Calderwood, Teresa Faris, Lisa Gralnick, and Stephanie Voegele.